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January 14, 2018
BITTREX AND HOW TO BUY ON IT. At first, before the inception of the cryptocurrency, individuals used currencies, shares and commodities. Seeing that cryptocurrencies were introduced to the market, it was once BITCOIN who used to be the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto. Many cryptocurrencies had been later introduced to the market. This has led to...
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POLONIEX AND HOW TO BUY ON IT. The history of Poloniex is not our focus in this article so, much things are not meant to be said about Poloniex in this article but anyone reading this article would have had one or two knowledge about Poloniex. We all know that it’s a cryptocurrency trading platform...
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Ethereum classic has emerged as one of the most popular altcoins since its big brother ether executed a hard fork on the blockchain after the DAO hack in July 2016. During a little under a year of its existence, ethereum classic, which carries the ticker ETC, has managed to rally from under $1 to over $20...
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