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April 29, 2018
France Releases A More Cryptocurrency-Friendly Tax Reform Plan The French Council of State has released a tax reform plan that would reduce the tax ‎rates on gains from cryptocurrency transactions. According to Finance Magnates, the plan would also reduce the high-band rate from ‎‎45 percent to 19 percent.‎ This tax proposal follows France’s reclassification of cryptocurrencies as...
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One of the main critiques about Bitcoin is the digital currency’s troubles offering timely and cost-effective payments. Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, foresaw Bitcoin’s future payment issues, and took action by designing a more payments-friendly blockchain. After earning the nickname, ‘SatoshiLite’, Mr. Lee earned a job at Coinbase, the large San Francisco-based crypto-exchange. Mr....
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For many years, TransferWise, the fintech company that allows users to send bank payments with extremely cheap fees and shorter verification periods was the most dominant fintech business in Europe. This month, Revolut reached a $1.7 billion valuation after integrating cryptocurrency, surpassing Transferwise. Why the Statement of Nasdaq CEO Wasn’t a Joke Earlier this week,...
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