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5 Illegal Businesses To Make Money in Nigeria

//5 Illegal Businesses To Make Money in Nigeria

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5 Illegal Businesses to Make Money in Nigeria

Nigeria is currently bedeviled by poverty and hunger. There are quite a large number of able-bodied men and women out there who couldn’t get a job to earn a decent living. If you add the fact that some of these jobless youths are graduates from top Nigerian universities, then you would realize how hard it might have been for them.

While the government is finding it hard to provide the people with a great means of livelihood, it is always a surprise to a lot of people how some individuals are living large and enjoying their lives to the fullest. If you are among those wondering how your mates are living larger than life and getting the best out of life even in these most perilous times, this article might be able to give you the answer you are looking for. The truth is there are quite a lot of side hustles available in the underworld that could fetch you a lot of money if you are smart and up for it. We are going to be discussing five of these ‘illegal’ hustles that you can start to get rich in no time within Nigeria.

Sex Trafficking

Nigeria is blessed with a population of over 200 million people, most of which are women. In a country plagued by hunger, poverty and joblessness, sex traffickers have found a way of luring young, hungry and frustrated ladies into using ‘what they have to get what they need’. These sex traffickers usually recruit these ladies into their organizations and provide houses, foods and other basic amenities for them. In exchange, these ladies are supposed to do their biddings by providing sexual pleasures to their clients who would definitely pay them for such services. As the sex traffickers get the money from the sexual services rendered by the ladies, they take the lion shares and give the ladies whatever is left as their own shares. This business has made a lot of people rich and it is still blooming in Nigeria as we speak.

Sales of Hard Drugs

Another sure hustle that would bring in the money by the millions is the sales of hard drugs. Hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc. are banned and prohibited in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, anyone who is caught selling or using them would have a hard time dealing with the authorities. However, if you are smart enough, you could still make a lot of money selling these hard drugs in Nigeria. In spite of the ban, a lot of Nigerians, both rich and poor demands for these drugs and are usually ready to pay a lot of money to get them. If you know your onions well, you could leverage on the high price that these hard drugs command in the market by selling them to selected and trusted customers and earning your millions without much hassles.

Advanced Free Fraud (419)

Advanced free fraud which is usually referred to as 419 in Nigeria is an age long illegal means of making money in Nigeria and it is still very relevant. A lot of people have become so rich and popular, even building large business empires on the back of their activities as a 419er. The way this is done is simple. Practitioners usually find a way of duping their victims by offering them deals that are non-existent. It could be the execution of a contract or the sales of a house. Whatever it is, a practitioner would bring up these deals, make them believable to the client, receive payments for such deals, and vanish, never to be seen again. For instance, a 419er might pretend to be the owner of a filling station and propose the sales to someone who is willing to pay for it. Once the prospective buyer has been convinced that the filling station is for sale through some ingenious maneuvering, he/she would be advised to pay. Once the payment is received, the 419er would vanish never to be seen again and enjoy the booty. It is a sure way to get rich within a short period of time. However, it must be noted that being a successful 419er requires a lot of brilliance, ingenuity and planning.

Professional Hacking

The internet has brought about a lot of opportunities for folks who wish to make some illegal money. One of such ways is hacking. As a professional hacker, there are a lot of ways to make millions in a short period of time. You can hack the banking accounts of people and divert funds from there to your own account just with a few tinkering. Also, you can hack into the systems of organizations and disrupt its functions. When this happens, they would reach out to you through a link which you might have left and you can then charge them whatever you want before allowing their system to run smoothly again. You can also hack the social media accounts of top individuals and extort money from them before giving them back. There is a lot of money to make from hacking if you know your onions well and you are smart enough to cover your tracks well enough.


Smuggling is a very popular way of making cool money in Nigeria. Although it is illegal, a lot of people are known to take part in it and have made unbelievable fortunes from it. There are a lot of goods and drugs which the Nigerian government has banned from entering the country. These drugs, foods and goods usually fetch a lot of money when they get into the country and what smugglers do is to find a way of bringing these goods into the country through the back door and sell them at high prices. Smuggling could turn out to be dangerous as smugglers face a lot of resistance from Nigerian Customs officials sometimes, and the resistance could even culminate into bloody gun fights. However, a smart smuggler always makes provisions for these circumstances and may even bribe some custom officials to have their ways.

There you have it, if you are in Nigeria and looking for an illegal way to make some cool money, doing any of the five activities listed above would surely bring in a lot of money for you.

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