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When it comes to buying and selling bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria,  the world trusted must come to play because of the multiple stories of scam related stories, dealing with bitcoin in Nigeria could be a herculean task because of these issues. It is important you know how to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria and where to buy it also.

Bitcoin is already a household name, it has moved from something obscure to a spectacular force to reckon with. A 2018 bitcoin prediction predicts bitcoin might hit $19,000. As at the time of this writing, bitcoin sits at $8,500. Your guess is as good as mine, if you don’t have bitcoin or not saving with bitcoin then you are not on the winning side.

We have researched and listed out for you the 5 trusted exchanges to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria. These listed exchanges were listed because of the trusted they have been able to build and create over the years with their clients and customers. These are also the best site to sell bitcoin in Nigeria.

Lists Of Trusted Exchanges To Buy And Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria

1. Satowallet

Satowallet is top of the list of trusted exchanges to buy and sell bitcoin Nigeria, Sato Wallet is an open source Android and IOS wallet for multiple cryptocurrencies, it supports over 50 altcoins. It is centralized and lets you access the blockchain without locally storing it. Furthermore, it gives users the ability to swap cryptocurrency on the Mobile App.

Here are some of the features of satowallet that makes it one of the most amazing exchanges to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria

• Buy and sell bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies

• Multiple wallet system gives you able to store over 50 cryptocurrencies with satowallet.

• Swap coin features that enables you to swap coin from coin to another

• Free transaction fees for any satowallet to satowallet user

• Instant transfer

• Segwit activated

• POS Mining for all POS coin in Satowallet

• You can store your bitcoin with satowallet, because of their top notch security features.

• Verification of sellers and buyer account to avoid issues

2. Luno

Luno Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet headquartered in London and has strong operation In Nigeria, Malaysia and South Africa. With an amazing support team which make luno wallet of the most trusted wallet, with web wallet and mobile wallet available on both android and IOS.

Here are some of the amazing features that makes Luno exchange a trusted exchange platform to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria

• You can buy bitcoin with Naira on Luno

• You can sell and get your money deposited to your local account

• You can store your bitcoin with luno wallet


3. Remitano

Remitano is a bitcoin escrow exchange site that  is used in over 32 countries, highly secured and easy to use with an escrow system that works by feedback and reviews systems that allows you to easily pick buyers and sellers to trust.

These are some of the amazing features that makes it among the trusted exchange in Nigeria to buy bitcoin.

• P2P Escrow service

• Buy with naira

• Buying and selling limits

• 2FA

• Instant buy/sell

• Sell on exchange

• Amazing support system

• Manual confirmation


4. Paxful

Paxful is called the “uber of bitcoin” In Nigeria because of how past and instan their services, the good thing about this paxful is that you can buy bitcoin with Amazon gift cards, paypal, vanilla card and even western union. Headquartered in the united states, paxful is used in major countries around the world.

Some of the cool features of paxful include

• Zero transaction fee between paxful to paxful users

• More than 300 ways to pay for bitcoin (as seen on their website)

• Escrow service

• Verified sellers

• Reputation system to checkmate sellers

• Highly secured

• You can also buy bitcoin from paxful vendor s agent online.



CARDTONIC is an indigenous E-curerency platform where you can sell bitcoins for naira. It has grown to earn the trust of it’s customers and always delivers, their Headquarters is located in Port Hacourt Nigeria.

These are some of the amazing features

• Secured

• Buy bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies

• Verifies accounts

• instant payout

• you can walk into their office and buy directly from them

These are the 5 trusted exchanges to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria, this is personal opinion and every one of the exchanges listed here is listed from my experience each of them. kindly hit the share buttons to share with your friends.

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