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Buying bitcoins in Nigeria is a tough process. Buying bitcoins with credit/debit cards is frustratingly tough. However, due to the human nature of continually searching for solutions to any and all problems, a number of companies have developed ways to make Bitcoin buying with credit/debit an easy and instant process. Indeed they have simplified buying of bitcoins to a point of unimaginable ease. Enough rambling though, let’s see some of the places to buy bitcoins with credit/debit cards in Nigeria.

5 Websites to Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria With Credit or Debit Cards Instantly

#1. Coinbase

buy bitcoin on coinbase

This is reputed as the world’s largest Bitcoin broker. You can buy up to $150 worth of Bitcoin instantly with credit/debit cards on Coinbase. A flat rate of 3.99% percent is charged on all BITCOIN purchases with credit/debit cards on coinbase.

To buy Bitcoins on coinbase with credit/debit cards, create an account on the website. Connect your credit card to your coinbase profile by entering your Credit/Debit card information. Verify your ID and make purchases as you want with your card. Coinbase is easy to use, has averagely fast services, a dependable reputation and has really high trade limits.

#2 BitPanda


Bitpanda is a Bitcoin broker located in Austria. You can purchase bitcoins easily with your credit/debit card on Bitpanda with a 3%-4% fee charged on all transactions. The fees are not displayed in public view though. Rather they are incorporated into the prices. It does have one of the lowest fees for buying bitcoin with credit/debit cards in the world. Bitpanda is easy to use, has a fast service, a dependable reputation, and high trading limits.

#3 CoinMama


CoinMama is also a Bitcoin broker that specializes in the use of credit/debit cards to buy bitcoins in Nigeria.

It offers really high buying amounts, up to $5000 per day. It also charges a high fee, 6% due to the risks involved in processing credit card payments. After verifying your accounts and making a purchase, your Bitcoin arrives in your bitcoin wallet in a matter of minutes.

CoinMama is quite easy to use, has a fast service and offers high buying limits. Its reputation is not as strong as those of the above two though.

#4 CEX.io


This is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the world. It offers Bitcoin buying with credit/debit cards. They have an extensive (and quite frustrating) verification process which can take up to half an hour to complete. They charge one of the lowest trading fees at 0.2% . CEX.io is a generally average bitcoin broker with average service speed and average buying limits. However they have a very solid reputation and are recommended (if you have the patience to go through the verification process).

#5 BitStamp


Bitstamp is a reputable bitcoin brokerage that allows the use of credit/debit cards to purchase bitcoins. They charge a fee of 5%-8% on transactions. The fee reduces as the amount bought increases. BitStamp has a worldwide service. They have a transaction limit of €5000 and a quite efficient service. The site is also quite easy to use


These are some of the best 5 Ways to Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria With Credit or Debit Cards Instantly

Think you know more? Then drop yours in the comment box below.

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