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6 Awesome Reasons Why I Invested In Electroneum

//6 Awesome Reasons Why I Invested In Electroneum

Here are some reasons why I invested in Electroneum:

1) The CEO has a running company called retortal and showed already that he can run a successful company. Furthermore, the team is very strong in marketing, which is very important for what they are planning to do
2) Their vision: ETN wants people to be able to mine coins with an app. They want people to just download the app and being able to receive coins with just one click. The real mining is done with desktop PCs and the mobile app users are getting a fraction of the mined coins (the mobile users are not mining for real, it is like a simulation). The app is containing a game which is educating new users to the cryptoworld. The coins gained in the game are also Electroneum coins.
3) The company is using Moneros blockchain (it is private and there are no transaction fees)
4) They reached their hardcap of 40 million and ended the tokensale early.
5) ETN has only 2 decimals unlike bitcoin, which makes it easier for us humans to use. For example, you are not paying 0,0005 BTC for an item, but 5,0 ETN.
6) Once they grow the user base with the help of the app, they aim to be a coin for the gaming and gambling industry.

I think the coin has a lot of potentials to grow in value after it hits the exchanges because they have an easy to understand vision, which excites the people. They are already doing marketing in the real world to draw new investors to the Cryptospace. Their ICO was one of the busiest I have seen so far (18500 telegram users, almost 300k registered users, around 150000 different small and big investors). I think many people just heard of Bitcoin, but either were too lazy to get in or thought it is only for tech freaks. Electroneum is breaking this barrier in my eyes very cleverly. Everybody can go to the AppStore now and just have a look what this “Coins or mining” is. Many people will download their app and play the game and just start mining. I can see young teenagers mining a few extra coins and start collecting them or trading them with a friend, especially if they are able to track the price of ETN in the app. Maybe it will grow viral like PokemonGo with the help of word of mouth and the press. Many new investors will come to the Cryptoworld which will benefit all of us. I think most of the time it is how you present something to the people and the ETN team are experts in that.

Some people are concerned about the big total supply of 21 billion coins. I think supply is important, but demand is equally important. This coin is not for a little niche, it aims for a huge user base, so the demand will be far bigger than in any other coin in my eyes. Other people are worried that ETN does not have a specific use case. But I think once you have a big user base, to achieve a deal with a big game developer or gambling company would be way easier. They could even concentrate on game developing only and placing ads in the app. The ads should not be compulsory, but the user should have the option to watch an ad to receive a fraction of ETN. The companies who are placing the ads have to pay with ETN tokens. Like this, the demand for the coin will increase and the company is generating cash for new games. I think there are so much more ways for the coin, once they have a large user number. Also the more people are holding the coin, the more stability it gets and people will really exchange it as a sort of currency

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