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PAXTradings is a platform that suits your needs when it comes to selling gift cards for naira in Nigeria, trading bitcoins in Nigeria, cryptocurrency discussions in Nigeria and altcoins flipping. At PAXTradings:

  • We Buy Gift Cards And Trade Bitcoins

  • We Teach About Cryptos in Nigeria

  • We Teach About Flipping Altcoins

We take pride in our expertise. We don’t just say, we have justifiable testimonials to back up our claims. Check around our platform and say some thanks later.

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Buy/Sell Bitcoins In Nigeria

Bitcoins, having been the best cryptocurrency in recent times has attracted loads of investors. On PAXTradings, We walk you through the woods of Bitcoin Trading in Nigeria for you to Make Money with Bitcoins.

Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

We provide you with all you need to know about iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Steam Gift Cards e.t.c. We also help you sell Gift Cards in Nigeria and convert your Gift Cards to Bitcoins.

Cryptocurrencies in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, cryptocurrency trading is gaining momentum among traders. For this reason, PAXTradings provides you with the latest from the world of cryptocurrencies, from crpto news, to the best of crypto currency trading tips and altcoins flipping.

Rudiments Of Altcoin Flipping

The day trading of various altcoins which involves buying and selling them for bitcoin, rather than fiat currencies, is Altcoin flipping. PAXTradings will give you the best of hints and tips to make money flipping altcoins like Etherium, MaidSafeCoin, SYScoin, Radium, BitShares e.t.c.







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Below are some of the latest great contents from our blog.

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Bitcoins and Gift Cards Knowledgebase

Our blog features the latest of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and articles are well written by experts in the crypto field. The blog also features humongous amount of tips and hints on Gift cards. Ranging from how to get itunes gift cards, amazon gift cards e.t.c.

Bitcoin is a currency much like any other, albeit digital. It can be saved, spent, invested, and even stolen. The manipulation of the bitcoin technology is enough to make as much money online as you might want to, that is, trading bitcoins alone is enough to earn you some substantial figures online daily. However, at PAXTradings, we understand that Bitcoin Trading might not be as easy as it sounds. Therefore, we’ve decided to take it from the grassroots and put you through till you are proud enough to declare yourself a bitcoin PRO.

Very strict to the best of rates, we deal in all sort of gift cards, be it iTunes gift cards, Amazon Gift cards, Steam Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards e.t.c We associate directly with Chinese companies that make use of these cards, therefore, there is no other rates that can beat the ones you get here. However, honesty is the heart of business, that’s why we’ve made it our watchword, we’ve gone a long way in this business and we have way too much of testimonials to justify our authenticity.

Being well known that there’s a lot of reasons why cryptocurrencies are so inherently popular. They are safe, anonymous and utterly decentralized. Unlike conventional currency, they are not controlled or regulated by some singular authority, their flow is determined entirely by market demand. For these reasons, it is quite obvious that the future of cryptocurrencies is bright. However, random investments is not the best way to go about cryptocurrencies, that’s where PAXTradings comes in to teach you the ins and outs of the crypto world till you are a success in this crypto-driven economy.

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