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Altcoins in Nigeria


Talking of Altcoin Flipping in Nigeria, to start with, the big question is what are altcoins?

What Are Altcoins?

Altcoins are digital forms of money other than Bitcoin. The lion’s share of altcoins is forks of Bitcoin with little uninteresting changes. Altcoins are the cryptographic forms of money propelled after the enormous achievement Bitcoin had after its discharge in 2009.

In General, altcoins are contrasting options to bitcoin in light of the fact that they have a tendency to enhance and tackle the Bitcoin convention constraints and highlights. Elective monetary forms intend to be better substituted to Bitcoin. The accomplishment of Bitcoin as the primary shared computerized money encouraged the presentation of other comparative advanced monetary standards that took after.

Altcoin is a mix of two words: “alt” and “coin”; alt is short for option and coin has to do with money; together they suggest a class of digital currency that is contrasting option to Bitcoin itself. A significant number of the altcoins are developed on the fundamental structure given by Bitcoin. Most altcoins are distributed, include a mining procedure and offer more effective and less expensive approaches to complete system exchanges. Indeed, even with many covering highlights, Altcoins have extremely unmistakable highlights and change generally from each other.

Numerous altcoins are endeavoring to focus on any apparent constraints that Bitcoin has and have given more up-to-date forms upper hands, and along these lines the opposition is extraordinary and is offering grounds to an incredible assortment of altcoins.

After the example of overcoming the adversity of Bitcoin, numerous other shared computerized monetary standards have developed trying to copy that achievement.

Now, What is Altcoin Flipping?

Altcoin flipping alludes today exchanging of different altcoins. On the off chance that you are flipping altcoins, at that point you are purchasing and offering them for bitcoin, instead of fiat monetary standards or trading bitcoins. Note that most altcoins must be purchased by means of bitcoin, not by means of fiat monetary standards. Just a modest bunch of altcoins can be purchased by means of fiat monetary standards including ethereum, monero, swell, ethereum great, dash and a couple of something beyond.

Altcoin flipping is a type of cryptographic money exchanging approach taken after by numerous digital currency dealers and examiners. When you exchange altcoins for bitcoin, you can utilize digital money trades, for example, Poloniex.com, Hitbtc.com, and Bittrex.com without passing through any confirmation procedures to store or pull back your bitcoin capital.

How To Make Money with Altcoin Flipping?

Making money with altcoins is like putting resources into penny stocks. Penny stocks are the offers of littler organizations and start-ups, which have a much lower incentive than consistent stocks. They are additionally considerably more unstable, frequently encountering increases of over 100% in one day or vanishing overnight.

1. Try not to put all of your investments tied up on one place:

Spread your capital out among the same number of various offers as possible. The greater part of new business will flop in their initial couple of years, The same is valid for altcoins, numerous new coins will totally make it big inside the primary year of exchanging. It is frequently enticing to go ‘all in’ on an energizing open door. Accepting could make 1000% returns, yet this can without much of a stretch end your vocation as an altcoin dealer before it has even started


2. Try not to trust the buildup (or the FUD):

This is another important tip for Altcoin Flipping. Penny stocks have dependably been liable to a lot of expert hype. Professional promoters will buildup up a coin, through bulletins and tip administrations, through web-based social networking, writing and even through advertising. They will be paid by the coin’s designers who wish to expand the estimation of their holdings. This is now and then called a ‘Pump and Dump’ or just ‘P&D’. Thus, FUD can be purposely spread keeping in mind the end goal to falsely drive down the value with the goal that the general population behind it can get shoddy coins. It is constantly valid in life, however doubly genuine while looking into altcoins for exchanging, that you ought to dependably be doubtful of what you read, do your own particular research, and make up your own particular personality


3. Rush to Take Losses, Slow to Take Profits:

The greatest missteps that penny stock brokers make is to take benefits on victors too soon, but keep hold of the washouts until the point that they are worthless. When a dealer sees benefits of a half, 100% or significantly higher in a generally short space of time, it is easy for feelings to kick in and surpass any contemplated appraisal. This may feel like an awesome benefit, you may fear losing it and need to secure in the benefit, or you may simply get energized and anxious to understand your additions despite the fact that the cost is as yet slanting upwards.

But since in both penny stocks and altcoins you are probably going to pick a ton of washouts, you have to get high benefits on the champs to turn out with a decent benefit in general. So, even a 100% benefit on a triumphant pick may not be as extraordinary as it may appear. In the meantime, numerous brokers candidly put resources into what they purchase, and think that it is difficult to surrender expectation and offer notwithstanding when unmistakably the cost is going down, and along these lines they wind up losing most or the majority of the estimation of their venture when they could have cut their misfortunes significantly before adopting a more normal strategy.

As we have now comprehended what altcoin flipping and altcoin seems to be, let us begin our instructional exercise:

Instruction Steps To Altcoin Flipping:

1. Buying Bitcoin To Start Trading and Flipping Altcoins:

The considerable thing about altcoin flipping, and digital currency exchange in general, is that you can begin exchanging with a little sum; even with $10-20 worth of bitcoin. Along these lines, you can either get some bitcoin utilizing an administration like Paxful.com, which empowers you to purchase little measures of bitcoin utilizing Visas, paypal cash, western union, amazon gift vouchers and other installment techniques, or get some bitcoin through numerous ways that can enable you to get a little measure of bitcoin ($10-20) to begin your altcoin flipping enterprise. Here are a couple of ways to acquire some free bitcoin:

  1. Mining Bytecoin utilizing Minergate With Your PC:

    Minergate is a digital currency mining administration that offers a straightforward programming that can empower you to mine some altcoins utilizing your PC. Go to Minergate’s site, make a record, download and introduce the product. In the wake of introducing the product, dispatch it. On the fundamental interface of Minergate’s customer, tap on the “Digger” catch, where you will be asked to pick a coin to mine out of a bunch of other coins.

    The best choice, as indicated by current market costs, is to mine Bytecoin (BCN) as its cost has ascended from 4 satoshis to 14 satoshis. With a standard PC, you can make up to 70 pennies for each day mining Bytecoin.


  2. Bitcoin and Altcoin Faucets:

    Fixtures are sites that reward their guests with little measures of bitcoins or altcoins at consistent interims. Spigot proprietors benefit from this plan of action by means of publicizing, particularly that fixtures draw in an extensive number of guests who desire some free cash! You can discover hundreds, if not thousands, of digital currency spigots by simply utilizing Google, yet focus on two vital things:

    1. Continuously utilize spigots that have great audits that demonstrate they truly pay their guests.
    1. A few spigots can contain malware and also include some irritating attachments. I would not suggest utilizing such fixtures.

    I will just present you with two dependable spigots that truly pay their guests to begin with: Moonbitcoin and Moondogecoin , however do your examination, you will without a doubt find numerous others. In the event that you burn through 3-4 hours perusing fixtures, you can gather around $1 worth of crypto.


  3. Bitcoin Paid-to-Click (PTC) Sites:

    PTC destinations are a gathering of locales that reward their clients for survey promotions. There are presently numerous sites that offer bitcoin PTC advertisements, yet as we specified in spigots, dependably do your exploration before utilizing any PTC administration to ensure you will really be paid for your chance and exertion.

    BTCClicks is a dependable PTC benefit that pays you for survey promotions in bitcoin. You can discover numerous other comparable locales via looking through bitcointalk.org and talkgold.com.


2. Making Accounts on Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

It is encouraged to utilize more than one digital money trade. With the end goal of this instructional exercise, we will utilize three trades; Poloniex, Hitbtc and Bittrex. Note the following though:

  1. Make a record on every single one of the previously mentioned trades. Make a solid secret word for each record. Try not to utilize words or expressions, rather utilize a haphazardly created secret key. I suggest utilizing an online secret word generator like passwordsgenerator.net to make an irregular watchword of at least 16 characters.
  2. Utilize two-factor confirmation to expand the security of your records.
  3. A few coins are accessible for exchanging on a trade, yet not the other, so you should utilize them all in uncommon conditions; however, I prescribe utilizing Poloniex for the greater part of your altcoin flipping exchanges.

3. Depositing Your Bitcoin To Your Exchange’s Wallet:

To begin exchanging, you should store your bitcoin to the trade’s wallet. I  will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to store your bitcoin to your wallet on Poloniex:

  1. On your Poloniex account page, click Balances – > Deposits and Withdrawals, on the upper right piece of your fundamental record page.
  2. You will see a page that incorporates a rundown of all coins accessible on the trade’s stage. Adjacent to “bitcoin”, tap on the “Store” connect, your wallet’s store address will show up.
  3. Utilize this to send your bitcoins. Note that your coins won’t be included to your wallet Poloniex, until after the exchange has gotten three affirmations. Sometimes, your coins don’t show until 6-8 hours but don’t stress if this transpires; the coins will inevitably be added to your record.

4. Putting in Buying Requests:

To begin exchanging crypto on Poloniex, after your bitcoin store has been added effectively to your record, tap on the “Trade” catch on the upper left corner of your record’s landing page. Your will view a rundown of every single accessible coin for exchanging. Note that on Poloniex, there are 4 advertises; the bitcoin, ethereum, monero and USD markets. For altcoin flipping, you will just utilize the bitcoin exchanging market.

Presently, let me demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to purchase your first altcoins:

  1. I will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to get some synero (AMP). Along these lines, on the rundown of coins accessible on the correct side of the page, tap on the synero (AMP) advert.

Note: there are two sorts of purchase arrangement: customary purchase request and stop-restrain purchase. We will purchase synero utilizing a standard purchase.

  1. Utilize the case on the left-hand-side which is titled “Purchase AMP”. You need to fill 2 box fields and the third field will be filled naturally for you. You have first to indicate the cost at which you need to purchase your coins and after that, you can pick whether to determine the measure of synero you need to purchase or the measure of bitcoin you wish to spend purchasing synero.


5. Setting Sell Orders for Your Purchased Coins:

In the wake of purchasing your coins, I suggest incorporating them in an offer request as quickly as time permits, to ensure that your coins will be sold for the benefit, once your objective cost has been realized. Presently, let me incorporate the synero coins we have quite recently become tied up with, in an offer request.

  1. Decide your objective cost for offering your coins. For doing such, we should analyze the AMPBTC graph. Thus, tap on the 15 minutes candles and after that tap on the 1-week catch to look through synero’s cost amid the previous week.
  2. Setting up your offer request: Now, we should set up the offer request. We will utilize the case on the correct hand-side stamped “Offer AMP”. After this, the aggregate sum of bitcoin is naturally ascertained and included in the “Aggregate” box. Subsequent to setting the sum and value, you should click “Offer” to present your offer request.
  3. After effectively putting your “Offer request”, you will have the capacity to see it under “My open requests”.

At whatever point the objective cost is achieved, your coins will be sold naturally, given that there are sufficient offer requests.

How to Make Huge Profit Trading and Flipping Altcoins

Altcoins, or alternative digital coins, are one of the most exciting markets for today’s traders. They are highly volatile and fast-paced markets where you can make money trading altcoins. Investors are using sites like KoCurrency in order to help them maximize profiling and reduce risk. Although there is a high risk involved in this activity, the potential returns outweigh any other market I know by orders of magnitude. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the essential facts that all beginners should be aware of when it comes to altcoin trading. This will also include the best resources and tools to learn how to make huge profits trading altcoins and altcoin flipping.

Important Altcoin Terms

In Altcoin Trading, there are some terms that you have to be familiar with. Here are some common concepts and technical terms that you will need to know before you begin:

  1. ICO / ITO: An “initial offer of currencies” or “ICO”, alternatively referred to as ‘Initial Token Offer’ or ‘ITO’,  is the cryptocurrency take of an “initial public offering” when the shares of a company are listed on the stock exchange for the first time. It usually takes place before the launch of a currency lock chain and involves the public sale of a certain percentage of the initial source of the currency in order to raise funds for development.
  2. Market cap: The market capitalization of an altcoin is the total value of all its currencies. It is common to use the currently available source rather than the total supply, and this may preclude imminent presses. Therefore, market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the price per currency by the number of currencies currently released on the open market.
  3. Premine: When part or all of the initial supply of a coin is automatically generated by the developer at the public launch, or before, instead of being generated in time through a form of mining, this is called premine “. Mines can be used for legitimate purposes: for example, for the development of crowdfunding through an ICO, or to put in a fund for the continuous development and promotion of currency. They can also be downloaded to the market, for a quick and easy profit, by a developer who then leaves the coin and disappears into a kind of exit scam.
  4. Insta-mine: Because some altcoin enthusiasts are very cautious of currencies that have a premise, automatically suspecting a scam, some developers have tried to find different ways to gain control of a large percentage of supply of a coin from the beginning. One way to do this is to have very easy mining for a short period after the launch, during which developers are instantly looking to extract a large number of coins for a minimal cost. Sometimes this brief but highly profitable mining period takes place before a coin has even been advertised to the public. This is known as an “insta-mine”.
  5. Ninja Launch: A ninja launch is simply a form of conducting an insta-mine. It is about announcing a currency suddenly without warning, with the start of mining immediately as the currency is announced. The developer could have carried out his insta-mine before other users have had the opportunity to prepare to start the mining. Another way of carrying out the ninja launch tactic is to create an ad with only very basic information, conduct and insists, then add more information to attract interest only after a significant amount of coins have already been mined.

In many ways, the altcoin trading is similar to the investment in penny stocks. Penny stocks are stocks of small businesses and early-stage companies. They have a much lower value than regular stocks and are more volatile. This volatile nature makes them experience gains of more than 100% in a single day or disappear completely overnight.

Technical Analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis

There are two main ways to understand altcoin trading strategy, forecast the future direction of price movements and therefore choose good investments. They are fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis is the method that attempts to determine the real value of something, which in this case is either undervalued or overvalued. When it comes to altcoin trading, this is harder because they are generally very early in their development – so their value reflects future potential success rather than their current position. You can still look at the level of a currency of adoptions, the strength of the network, the number of transactions and so on, but this will only take you so far. To a large extent, you should rely on a correct estimation of the potential size of the future market and the chances that you will meet up with this potential.

Technical analysis, on the other hand, uses price and volume data to find patterns and indicators that can be used to forecast the future direction of price movement. Alternatively, you can use predictive markets like KoCurrency to find ideas on the direction that popular altcoins are headed.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly news driven. You are marketing assets in a very fast-paced world of state-of-the-art technology, where new developments are published every day, and the political/regulatory environment remains uncertain. If you want to make money trading altcoins, therefore, you really need to make sure that you are always updated on the latest news and progress in the world of cryptocurrency.

Altcoin Flipping and Trading Tips You Should Know

After going through the basics of altcoin trading, this section contains some more specific tips to teach you how to make money from digital currency trading. This section is not a complete guide by any means, but it should give you some ideas to start making money as an altcoin trader.

Initial stages

Most currencies will start at a low price, and increase in value if they succeed. Of course, this is not always the case, especially for ICO coins that can start with a very high valuation, depending on the structure and success of the ICO. But it is usually true to say that the greatest benefits that you get often come from seeing the potential of a newer currency before anyone else and taking advantage of its success before others come in.

It is also true, however, that these early days are the riskiest time to invest in something. The technology will not be tested and may still be unfinished, and there will be little other objective evidence in sight. Investing in cryptocurrency is both risky and rewarding, but this is particularly true if you buy too soon. Therefore, you should be careful to extend your capital over an even larger number of companies if you take this approach in order to cover your risk. You would also like to get involved in mining if you are taking this approach, as some currencies will start up and be available for the mine before they are added to the trade.

Always stay updated with news

This is a counter trading tip that is very useful to keep in mind. As I have already mentioned, this is a strongly news-oriented market with big changes based on new ads, feature launches, partnerships and so on. You can expect a great ad to raise the price right away, but you must realize that most of the time the ad has already been ‘price in’ by many buyers, who expected it to happen. This is not a rule you must follow to the letter because buying after the news has been announced still pays, but the best profits go to the better informed and then sell at any increase in price as a result of newcomers entering the market after the announcement.

Be Active And Contribute Meaningfully To Your Investment

Compared to stocks or currencies or any other traditional market, there is a unique opportunity within cryptography for individual investors to get involved in helping their investments to have success. Many people will become deeply involved in the currencies they support, being active members of their user community, helping them promote, brainstorming and critiquing new ideas in forums, setting up new sites and services, etc. If you have something meaningful to contribute, then add value to your investment by getting involved in something you really enjoy and feel passionate about. It can also help you gain insight into what is happening, improving your ability to make informed decisions. However, you should be careful, since the more involved you are in a currency, the harder it will be to make objective decisions if market conditions dictate that the most profitable to do is sell your shares. It is vital when you do this that you do not let your emotions influence control your better judgement. Do not fight with the market

Do not try to fight the market

Bending down on a missed investment in an attempt to combat the market is a sadly common mistake, and can have a disastrous impact on people trying to do it. Contrary to Tradition, traders rely on the fact that markets often react exaggeratedly, and then go through the subsequent corrections. According to this logic if everyone is selling, then the price is probably “oversold”, and it is time to buy. On the flip side, if everyone is buying, then it’s time to sell because a fix is just around the corner. Usually, contrarianism is a long-term strategy, and you must be prepared to make significant losses and expect a substantial amount of time for the correction to come and your positions to move to profit. Because of this, longer time horizon can be a dangerous strategy when it comes to something as fast and volatile as cryptography, though the end result may be worth it.



Altcoin flipping and altcoin trading can be a dangerous venture, but it can produce surprising returns when it is successful. Employing the right strategies can have you making huge profits in no time.


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