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How To Avoid Getting Scammed On Nairaland

//How To Avoid Getting Scammed On Nairaland

Nairaland is a site that’s well known in every part of Nigeria for its contribution to the growth of interaction among Nigerian youths. The site has a forum or thread created for any trending and popular issue(s) happening in Nigeria and in the whole world at large.

Despite the fact that this site is popular, people get duped of their money. Many people use this site so it’s hard to know who is who on the site and as a result of this, it’s easy for people to get scammed by their fellow human beings who claim to be tested, trusted and reliable sellers in the name of investment and business.


Since this is not the topic for the day, I’ll just highlight few of the things people use to scam other people gullible or unwillingly:


  • Love of free or cheap things

This is a major reason why people get scammed. There’s nothing like fixed matches as far as football is concerned, even, the players playing the match do not have the slight idea of how the match will end. Greedy people get duped of their hard-earned money too because they want to double their earnings by taking risk in putting their money in a ponzi scheme and they end up being duped.

  • Pity

People that pretend to have one major problem or the other will have more than one fake account and they’ll use these accounts to be extorting money from different kinds of people because the victims of the scammer will show sympathy on him and give the person money to take care of himself.

  • Trade

People will see advertisement of goods and maybe because they need the goods urgently, they opt for them without making a thorough research about the seller and they end up getting duped. That’s the end for them.


To guide you from making wrong decisions, I’ll give you tips to avoid getting scammed:

  • Know the seller

You have to make sure that the sellers are reliable from a trusted source.Someone seems to be a trusted seller that does not exclude the 100% person from being a cheater. Through small transactions, the person might just want to clear doubts among other Nairalanders, then begins and evacuates in a big escape. Greedy cheaters make sure they get along with you, even with you, to earn your trust, and then they will launch into a higher transaction you’ll never see again.Reliable sellers develop a cable with proof of their service and show the reasons why buyers can trust them with their money, it’s just a prior investigation that determines.

  • Verify the seller’s registration

As a rule, the financial services provider must be acknowledged by the supervisory authorities of the financial market of his country. Review the registry with financial supervisors and regulators to monitor and audit each financial service provider for fraud or mismanagement of funds borrowed from clients / investors. All investment programs in this forum are sponsored by recognized regulators in the country not allowed and regulated, you are alone if you put your money on them.

  • Investigate about the investment.

Before investing, you need to understand how it works, what the risks are and what the costs are. Make sure it matches your financial goals, other investments you’ve got and risk appetite.

  • Get advice from a financial adviser

Pay attention to speculative applications, whether by phone, online or by acquaintances. Before investing, seek the advice of a qualified adviser, lawyer or accountant. You can also dig because some financial advisers can, for selfish reasons, avoid making good investments, such as large commissions earned, by recommending products that do not interest you but are your property. Example: Banks recommending a fixed deposit for you instead of treasury bonds paying better interest rates, or recommending treasury bills instead of a currency exchange in the hands of an experienced analyst and forex trader.

  • Be patient

You do not have to rush into making a decision. When the sellers start rushing and telling you that there is enough goods that you should purchase what you need, do not. Be careful. Patience is all you need to decide and think reasonably to avoid being scammed.

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