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Top Platforms To Exchange Gift Cards For Bitcoins

Gift cards can be used to purchase bitcoins, and as well you can use bitcoins to purchase gift cards. There is a special gift card called bitcoin gift card, which is used for this purpose, but other gift cards can also be used in place of this “bitcoin gift card”, for purchasing bitcoins. There are a lot of peer-to-peer websites that allow the exchange of gift cards for bitcoins.

Bitcoin is now widely used as a mode of payment in many places. It is a digital cryptocurrency that has been adopted by many people because it is safe to use and it has lower transaction costs than other currencies. Its value also keeps rising, which has encouraged a lot of people to be interested in it. Purchasing bitcoins could be a lot of stress for people who are just starting to know about it. But instead of stressing yourself, there is an easy means to get bitcoin, and that is with gift cards. You can use the gift cards you have to get bitcoins.


Buying bitcoins with gift cards is very easy, all you just need is your gift cards and an account on the site you want to trade on. If you don’t have any gift card, you can enter stores to get gift cards, especially the most used ones like Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Walmart gift cards, vanilla gift cards, steam gift cards.

These are the steps to follow to use your gift cards to get bitcoins.

  • Make sure to have the gift card in hand: Most buyers (bitcoin sellers), will want to see the picture of the gift card before engaging in transactions. It is essential to have the receipt too, it might be needed.


  • Search for a bitcoin seller: After getting the gift card, the next thing is to find a buyer for the card, who will pay in bitcoins. You can use sites like paxful.com or localbitcoins.com . You will be required to create an account before you can engage in trade. While searching for bitcoin sellers, make sure to check the reputation of the seller, as there can be some dubious traders, no matter how trusted the sites are.


  • Open Trade: On the site that you wish to use, search for bitcoin sellers that accept gift cards as means of payment, after you get the desired one, start a trade with them. As soon as the trade starts, the seller’s bitcoins will be automatically put into escrow account by the website,  to allow safe transactions.


  • Carry on with the transaction: After the bitcoin seller has verified the validity of the card, he will release the bitcoins and you will get them immediately in your bitcoin wallet.

Follow these simple steps to successfully purchase bitcoins with gift cards. Getting bitcoins with gift card can be a very profitable business, as the bitcoin value increases at different times. You can use gift cards to purchase some bitcoin, wait for the price to increase, then sell to get profit. Another benefit of getting bitcoins with gift cards is that, you can buy your gift cards with prices lesser than the face value of the cards, then sell them with profit.

There are a lot of platforms where you can exchange gift cards to bitcoins. I shall discuss some of the platforms.

Best 6 Platforms To Exchange Gift Cards For Bitcoins

  1. Sellcardbtc.com

Sellcardbtc is the number one gift card trading website, focused on giving customers the best money return for their gift cards and bitcoins.

According to Reliablecounter, Sellcardbtc has been described as the best Paxful alternative as they buy gift cards for bitcoins at rates far better than what you get on Paxful, Afrbtc or any other website to sell gift cards.

Visit Sellcardbtc.com or click here to contact them.

  1. Poolofcards.com

This is another platform for selling gift cards for cash or bitcoin, like others, you can easily get bitcoin with gift card. There are also lots of cards you can trade on there.

Click Here To Contact PoolOfCards

  1. Cardtonic.com

Cardtonicis a platform on which you can use gift cards to get naira, cedis, bitcoin. they are trusted and legit and you are always safe to trade with them.

Click here to visit Cardtonic.

  1. Paxful.com

This is one of the most trusted platforms for exchanging gift cards for bitcoin. You can sell your gift cards for bitcoin on this site. However, it is necessary to check well before dealing, as it is a peer-to-peer exchange platform.

  1. Localbitcoins.com

This is another peer-to-peer platform for exchanging gift cards for bitcoins. You can buy and sell gift cards with bitcoins on this site also. It is one of the best platforms for exchanging gift cards to bitcoins.


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