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Best Websites To Buy Bitcoins With Naira In Nigeria – 2019

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Getting access to or buying Bitcoin used to be a difficult thing. There were only specific ways to get to it, with debit and credit cards almost out of the question. After the enormous rise in popularity, that has changed.

One thing that we have noticed with almost all of the Bitcoin exchange websites popular to Nigerians is their pricing differs in real time. So I would suggest that you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Instead, purchase Bitcoin from different places.

In this post, we will show you 3 reputable websites where you can buy bitcoins with Naira in Nigeria. We have listed these websites based on their popularity & ease of use.

1. LocalBitcoins.com

LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange startup company based in Helsinki, Finland. LocalBitcoins is a marketplace where users can buy and sell Bitcoins to and from each other. Users, called traders, create advertisements with the price and the payment method they want to offer.

There are hundreds of Nigerians on the platform buying and selling Bitcoin. You can browse their website for trade advertisements in your location, and go for a trader with a payment method you prefer. Most Nigerian based traders on the platform prefer bank transfer method of payment to a Nigerian bank account details provided by the seller.

The platform uses an escrow method of payment to ensure that no that both the buyer or the seller does not get scammed in the process of the transaction. For beginners looking to trade on the platform, it is highly recommended to look out for reviews of the person you are dealing with before transacting with them.

localbitcoins website nigeria
Website URL: localbitcoins.com

2. Cardtonic.com

Cardtonic is the biggest local Bitcoin exchange platform in Nigeria. Cardtonic provides secure and reliable Bitcoin exchange services for Nigerians to buy and sell Bitcoin with Naira.

Unlike LocalBitcoins that is regarded as a marketplace for Bitcoin traders, Cardtonic has its own stock (one of the largest asset liquidity in the country) and is therefore not an intermediary. On NairaEx, customers send and receive funding directly from the company, avoiding any risk of being scammed or defraud.

Before you can buy or sell your Bitcoins on Cardtonic, you will need to get your own Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is similar to a bank account where you can generate a Bitcoin address that serves as a “bank account number”, that can be given out to other users in order to receive and send Bitcoin.

3. Luno.com

Luno.com (formerly BitX) is a Bitcoin company headquartered in London with operations in Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and 35 other European countries.

Luno facilitates Bitcoin storage and transactions such as buying, selling and paying through their Bitcoin wallet services. They also operate exchanges between fiat money and bitcoin. Since November 2017, Luno has also supported Ethereum which is the second most widely used cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

Nigerian with Luno account can buy and pay for Bitcoin in Naira as the platform supports payment methods such as Card Deposits, Bank Deposits, Paystack, and GT Bank Transfer.

Luno Nigeria Bitcoin Exchange
Website URL: luno.com

4. Bitkoin.Africa

Bitkoin Africa is Person-to-Person (P2P) cryptocurrency trading platform where users can sell and buy cryptocurrency from other users. Based in Lagos Nigeria, Bitkoin Africa caters for Nigerians in Nigeria who are interested in trading cryptocurrency.

The goal of Bitkoin Africa is to provide a platform that serves users needs – whether it is buying, selling, storing or transferring Bitcoin – as conveniently and quickly as possible.

bitkoin africa website
Website: bitkoin.africa

5. Quidax.

Quidax is one Nigeria’s newest cryptocurrency exchange providers. Quidax boasts of been the simplest and most secure way to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and other altcoins in Nigeria.

quidax website
Website: www.quidax.com


Please note that before you buy Bitcoin, you need to get a Bitcoin wallet by going to a site like Blockchain.info, or to a mobile app such as Bitcoin Wallet for Android or Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet for iOS.

Well, these are the most popular Bitcoin Websites & Bitcoin exchanges in Nigeria that you can use to buy & sell Bitcoin. If you know any popular Bitcoin exchange that accepts Naira payment that we might have missed, kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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