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Brace Up!! Paxful Introduces New Dashboard Vendor

//Brace Up!! Paxful Introduces New Dashboard Vendor

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Sit up!! Its good news all round. Paxful has introduced a new specialized vendor dashboard. The new vendor dashboard comes as a result of various requests, reports and enquiries made by vendors over time and it contains responses to all these requests. Analytics, reports, you name it and its on the vendor dashboard. It is clear Paxful understands the importance of people who are willing to take the risks to sell on their platform and will do whatever they can to make their selling experience much better.

Vendors make a up significant percentage(up to half) of the members in the P2P Paxful platform. They undertake a significant risk in dishing out bitcoin after receiving fiat transfers which are quite unstable and can get reversed anytime especially if done by scammers who might of used stolen credit cards or anything of the sort to make the payment. Therefore, Paxful is working hard to make sure that they provide enough information and options to vendors to reduce their risks and enhance the market in general. A reduction in the risks of vendors lead to a reduction in prices as they do not have to hike up prices to offset their risks.

Here is a statement from the website:

In the future we will be working hard to create a more responsive feedback loop between us and the vendors who make the market. Responsiveness and good service will be given priority over price and the whole market should improve even more. The world is only now learning about just how lucrative and fun being a Paxful vendor is and the sky is the limit.”

So you can just log in to your Paxful dashboard, indicate you’ve sold coins previously and it will classify you as a vendor. Accept the terms and conditions and you can leap into the new vendors dash board and start enjoying life as a Paxful vendor.


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