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When considering the fast purchase of bitcoin, the first P2P(Peer To Peer) bitcoin escrow that should come to mind is REMITANO.

Buyers and Sellers meet to preform bitcoin transactions on Remitano which offers a number of advantages; For example, Remitano is a click and purchase set-up which offers many options such that if you don’t want to buy from ‘Mr. A’, you have the option of buying from ‘Mr. B’. Also, it is a platform that has been made easy to understand which is a plus for beginners and new users in general.

After all the above have been said, if the complexity of operation on Remitano is still a concern, this article helps simplify the question of how to buy bitcoins on Remitano:

Important requirements to be able to carry out a Remitano login include:

  1. Bitcoin Wallet Address(Hot wallet) or a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet
  2. An Email Account.

      As a buyer on Remitano, a list of people waiting to sell their bitcoins will be seen on the site. Therefore, you can go on with the process by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Create an account on Remitano by registering. This is done by clicking on the ‘Login/Register’ option on the site, entering your E-mail address and clicking on ‘Continue’
  2. A link will be automatically sent to your email account. Verify your email address by clicking on this link.
  3. You can now log into your account.
  4. Click on the green button marked ‘Buy now’.
  5. Enter/select the amount you want to buy with your bitcoin wallet address entered in the space at the right hand side.

Note: The amount wont show up in Bitcoin but instead the value will be shown in dollars (Bitcoin is converted to dollars) or your country of transaction under the tab.

  1. Click on Create Advertisement.
  2. On the next page, fill the Advertisement form by choosing your bank. After which you click on Create. Then go on and follow through with the payment process(s) from your end.

 After completing the payment process, wait for your order to be placed after confirmation from the seller.

Your bitcoin  is now ready and has been deposited into the your wallet address and you can now login to your bitcoin wallet and confirm it and voila! YOUR FIRST BITCOIN TRADE HAS BEEN MADE WITH REMITANO.

Remitano is considered safe and if you encounter any problems/difficulties you can always chat with the customer care by clicking on the icon at the left bottom right.

Note: An important thing to note on Remitano however, is that the minimum deposit is 0.02.




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