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How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Poloniex

//How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Poloniex

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The history of Poloniex is not our focus in this article so, much things are not meant to be said about Poloniex in this article but anyone reading this article would have had one or two knowledge about Poloniex. We all know that it’s a cryptocurrency trading platform and that we can do exchange of cryptocurrencies.

In this topic, we’ll be looking at the most essential thing about Poloniex and that’s how to trade on it. It’s not as if we do not know how to trade on Poloniex but for the newbies who just a minimal idea about Poloniex, this will go a long way to help them find their foundation on Poloniex.

One of the technicalities in Poloniex is that for you to trade on it, you have to send your cryptocurrencies into it. As a result of this, this guide will see us through how to send your cryptocurrencies into Poloniex and how to buy and exchange with other cryptocurrencies. Sit down and journey with us. Read carefully.


Open a wallet (you can probably use Coinbase)

Send your currency (bucks, Euros, and many others.) to this  it will become your selection of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

Open an account with Poloniex

Send your forex(s) from your wallet (Coinbase) to the Poloniex stock trade by means of your address.

Go down and enter the favoured operation.

Go down and see what the market is shopping / selling. In case you like a fee, offer it immediately.


After getting the transfer of the amount to your Poloniex account done, it’s time to get new cryptocurrencies in exchange for your bitcoins. It’s particularly convenient.

Prefer a coin you wish to place money in. Click on the coin.

It gives you a graph that shows the growth of the cryptocurrency.

Immediately beneath, you’ve got a choice to purchase.

Input the quantity in BTC or any other cryptocurrency you wish to buy and press buy. Completed!

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