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How To Buy Electroneum in Nigeria with Naira, Bitcoin or Ethereum

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Electroneum, which is now a popular altcoin in recent time has raised numerous questions like how to buy Electroneum in Nigeria? How to sell Electroneum in Nigeria? How to trade Electroneum in Nigeria? How to make money with Electroneum in Nigeria?

In this guide, I’d be helping you with details and full information on how you can purchase Electroneum with Naira, bitcoins or ethereum in Nigeria. Since most Nigerians aren’t so technical to understand the full process of purchasing electroneum, we can help you with that.

As at the time of writing this content, the Current Electroneum Value is 1ETN=0.01$ or 1$=100ETN. And it is bound to increase aggressively soon. According to the Electroneum whitepaper, it is an altcoin, as in, a cryptocurrency that is named after the electron which all cryptocurrencies rely on. Electroneum is, however, the very first cryptocurrency to be designed around mobile ubiquity, which gives it an edge over other cryptocurrencies.


How To Buy Electroneum with Bitcoin/Ethereum – Old Method (No Longer Works)

This method is old and doesn’t work anymore. It was used for the token sales. If you’d love to buy Electroneum with Naira or BTC, we can help you with a direct purchase. Please scroll further down for the alternative method.

1. Visit the official electroneum website and click ‘Join Token Sale‘.

However, for now, the token sale has ended. You were too late. But nevertheless, registration is still possible. Electroneum has reached the $40 million cap of ICO. You have to wait till November 1st when Electroneum will be listed on the market and then you will be able to buy electroneum following these simple steps. I will list the names of exchanges here when Electroneum is available to buy on there.

From November 1st, we’ll be able to mine electroneum.

2. Navigate to the website and click on ‘Create Account’ on the login page. Then register with your email and password.



3. You can only buy electroneum with Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you don’t have Bitcoin, you need to buy bitcoin, read this article: How To Buy Bitcoins in Nigeria. If you want to buy Electroneum with Ethereum, proceed to step 6 below. If you want to buy Electroneum with Bitcoin, click Bitcoin and enter the amount of Bitcoin to purchase Electroneum.

4. Input the amount of Bitcoin you wish to use to buy and click ‘Buy Electroneum with Bitcoin ‘.


5. After this, send the Bitcoin amount to the Bitcoin address that’d be provided to you. Then click on “Transfer Confirmed”.

6. To buy Electroneum with Ethereum, it’s simple as well.  Click on Ethereum and enter the amount of Ethereum to purchase Electroneum. Then click Buy Electroneum with Ethereum .



7. After this, send the Ethereum amount to the Ethereum address that’d be provided to you. Then click on “Transfer Confirmed”.



If you would love to skip the stress of going through exchanges to buy electroneum. We can help you with that. Below are the easy steps to buy electroneum from Paxtradings:

  1. Contact Us On Whatsapp at +6283141553228 or Click Here.

  2. In case you are afraid of getting scammed, have rest of mind, we are trusted and legit. You can check reviews from past traders here >>> Paxtradings Review Page.
  3. Make sure you already have an electroneum wallet. That is where the coins will be sent to. We fund your Electroneum wallet within 10minutes once payment is received. If you don’t have an Electroneum wallet yet, kindly visit the Electroneum Website to create an account.
  4. The current rate is 40Naira per coin.
  5. We don’t sell less than 1000 coins. Which is 40,000 Naira minimum.
  6.  Make sure you are ready to buy before contacting us. We have a lot to attend to, we don’t entertain time wasting, please.
  7. Once you make up your mind, Contact Us On Whatsapp at +6283141553228 or Click Here.

That’s all on how to buy Electroneum with Naira, bitcoins or ethereum. Hope you found it useful. Don’t forget to share this great opportunity with friends.

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