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How to Buy Ethereum Currency Anywhere in the World

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How to Buy Ethereum Currency Anywhere in the World

Ethereum happens to be the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world currently, topped only by the almighty bitcoin. As such it is quite in demand by a lot of people who are hoping to buy it while the price is not yet extravagant and then keep it to make a lot of money when the price does become extravagant. In short, they are hoping ethereum will do a ‘bitcoin’. Since Ethereum price has gone up by more 1800% this year, this is not much of a stretch. However, as opposed to bitcoin, ethereum is not quite easily accessible and there is not much knowledge on how and where to buy ethereum currency. This has discouraged quite a number of potential ethereum buyers and is why I have compiled this list of how to buy ethereum anywhere in the world.

Before I go on, let me debunk a common misconception. Most people believe ethereum is a currency. Ethereum is a open development platform on which developers can build virtually anything. This platform has a token, much like a currency, called Ether which you have to have if you want to build on the ethereum platform. So, basically, what we want to talk about is how to buy the ethereum currency, Ether. Now let’s go.


How to Buy Ethereum Currency Anywhere in the World.

Buy Ethereum In Supported Countries


Coinbase is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange. You can easily buy bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin on coinbase. However, it supports only 32 countries currently. You can buy ethereum instantly on coinbase with credit/debit cards. If you are in any of the countries supported by coinbase, take the following steps to buy ethereum currency with credit or debit cards.

  1. Register at coinbase.com
  2. Complete all necessary verification including your photo ID
  3. Go to the payments method page once you log in to your coinbase account and select Add Payment Method.
  4. Choose Card and add the credit/debit card.
  5. Once you’ve added and accepted, Coinbase makes two small test transactions in your local currency.
  6. Check your card account statement, note the amounts transacted and then enter the amount in the coinbase app and you are good to go.

Now to buy ethereum currency on coinbase after you have added your credit/debit card,

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Select Ethereum
  3. Click on Buy/Sell
  4. Enter the amount and select card for payment method
  5. Confirm the order, click on Complete Buy and the ethereum will be delivered to your wallet in a few minutes.

A fee of 3.99% is charged on all card purchases in coinbase.



Coinmama is another large exchange on which you can buy cryptocurrencies easily, ethereum.currency included. They serve 226 countries currently. To purchase ethereum on coinmama, you have to open an ethereum wallet first as they do not have an inbuilt wallet.

You can buy ethereum currency on coinmama without verification up to a limit of 150USD/EURO. All you need to do to buy at this zero level verification is provide your personal details like phone number, address, city and zip code. This is a bonus feature not provided by other exchanges. However, to increase your buying limit, you have to provide an authentic photo ID to verify yourself. You can follow this step by step guide to verify yourself and buy ethereum currency on coinmama.

Coinmama charges a 5% additional fee on all transactions.



If you live in the Eurozone, this is a good exchange where you can buy ethereum currency. They accept credit card payments and serve all and only European countries.


Buy Ethereum Anywhere in the World


If your country is not being served by any of the exchanges mentioned above, do not despair. CEX.io is a bitcoin exchange that also sells ethereum currency via credit/debit card payments anywhere in the world. All countries of the world are supported unlike the other exchanges. To buy ethereum currency on CEX.io,

  1. Register at CEX.io
  2. Go to Cards to configure your credit/debit card
  3. Verify your credit/debit card
  4. Select the amount of ethereum currency you want to buy and finalise the transaction

The card verification usually takes a while but once you’ve verified your card, you can buy ethereum currency instantly. The exchange rates on the platform are high however, as the fees for the transaction are added to the exchange rates.



Changelly is a multi-currency exchange which started supporting the buying and selling of bitcoin and ethereum with credit/debit cards in December 2016.

They accept currency of any country, calculate its USD equivalent and then you can exchange it for the ethereum currency. They have a step by step guide explaining their new feature. They also have some purchase restrictions according to each country when buying with credit/debit cards. Changelly has the highest ethereum buying prices of all the exchanges.


You can also buy ethereum currency by buying bitcoin and exchanging it for ethereum currency on the following platforms:


  1. Coinomi.com
  2. Blockchain.info
  3. Shapeshift.io


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