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Ethereum is another digital money recently like bitcoin. Truth be told, Ethereum is the second most prominent digital currency at the present time. The cost of Ethereum can not be anticipated as it metamorphoses like bitcoin but rather it is a . This article is about how to purchase Ethereum coin in Nigeria.You can purchase Ethereum coin specifically from Coinbase however this isn’t feasible for Nigerians; Nigerians are not permitted to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinbase. On the off chance that you are an outsider or you use VPN, you can buy Ethereumon Coinbase.


  • The Ethereum blockchain records things far more quickly than Bitcoin — processing transactions in 12 seconds, as opposed to Bitcoin’s 20minutes.
  • Ethereum has more applications than bitcoin.
  • Ethereum is an open-source network. It is far superior to any other blockchain network.
  • The currency is projected to enter the thousands. That means if you want to get in on this investment, you need to purchase now.
  • Ethereum is the most promising technology investment out there. It’s quickly showing to be one of the most profitable investments of all time.
  • The application packages customer information into blockchain packets that can only be accessed by the private parties involved in the transaction. This prevents the information from being emailed out, eliminating multiple privacy concerns.
  • Ethereum is being incorporated by financial institution.


Ethereum clients in Nigeria need to purchase bitcoin then change the bitcoin to Ethereum.

You need to buy bitcoin then change it to Ethereum. You can purchase bitcoin from Luno and afterward change it to Ethereumon C-CEX.

Subsequent to acquiring bitcoin on your most loved bitcoin wallet, you send the bitcoin to your C-CEX bitcoin wallet. On the off chance that you don’t have a C-CEX account, you can visit google.

Once the C-CEX account has been created,find your C-CEX bitcoin wallet address and send what might as well be called Ethereum you need to purchase. Your C-CEX bitcoin wallet address can be found by following the straightforward procedure underneath;

  1. Visit c-cex.com/?p=btc-usd` while signed into C-CEX.
  2. At the correct corner, tap on my wallet.
  3. Duplicate the bitcoin store address.

Exchange bitcoin to your C-CEX wallet from your other wallet stacked with bitcoin.

Note that Ethereum is different from bitcoin, even though they are similar.

Also, see how to buy electroneum and how to sell electroneum in Nigeria.

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