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Buy and Sell Bitcoins Anywhere in the World with Paxful

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Global reach and worldwide service is a dream most business startups wish to have and provide for their customers but only few ever achieve it. Paxful is one of the few. Bitcoin buying has never been easier all over the world. Paxful is an online peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace where millions of people all over the world come to trade in bitcoins. As a peer to peer marketplace, there is a freedom which allows sellers to sell at whatever rate they want and buyers to buy from any seller they want. This makes the transactions on the platform much more appealing as everybody likes to have freedom when it comes to money matters. Paxful provides a wide variety of payment options to facilitate this trading freedom even further.


Buying bitcoins on paxful is as easy as it can ever be. To buy bitcoins, you simply have to sign up for a free account and gain access to your free online wallet. Anytime you want to buy bitcoins, you simply enter the amount you want to buy, choose a payment method, select a seller and you are good to go. You can hash out the details of the trade with the seller through the one-on-one realtime chat between seller and buyer provided on the platform.


Buying bitcoins on paxful is absolutely free. Paxful does not charge any fee from buyers for using the platform. Sellers pay 1% of transaction amount as fees though.


Also, there are no maximum limits on the amount of money you can exchange on paxful. As long as both parties of the trade are willing to make the exchange, you can exchange as much as you like. Paxful does set a minimum transaction amount of $10 though.


As mentioned earlier, Paxful supports various methods of payment including

  • Cash deposits
  • Bank transfers
  • Giftcards
  • Paypal
  • Credit or Debit Cards
  • Money transfer services like Western Union and Money Gram
  • E-wallet Balances

And so much more…


Apart from bitcoin trading, Paxful also offers the option of “Pay with Paxful” for businesses to add to their e-shops. This makes it easy for customers from all around the world to make payment using bitcoins in their wallets to pay for goods and services instead of looking for means to pay with conventional currency.


You can also make money on paxful by becoming an affiliate. You add the Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk from Paxful to your website, blog or any other online platform and you earn 2% of all sales through your affiliate link as commission.


Not to make it sound like its all a bed of roses, Paxful does have its own share of problems like scammers and the variable exchange rates between sellers. However, the pros severely outweigh the cons and Paxful is a delightful platform for all bitcoin enthusiasts.

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