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News of the hot new cryptocurrency, electroneum, has been exploding my newsfeed for some time now and I, at last, chose to look at what the buzz was about.

Electroneum is now live and can now be purchased only from approved exchanges. In this guide, I’ll be teaching how to buy electroneum, steps to buy Electroneum, how to sell electroneum and names of approved exchanges where Electroneum and the traded.

How To Buy Electroneum On Exchanges

  1. Get some Bitcoin/Etheruem you can bear. In the event that you don’t have any Bitcoin/Ethereum, peruse this article: How to purchase Bitcoin.
  2. Register an account on any of the exchanges where Electroneum is listed. The names of approved exchanges as specified on the electroneum site is given underneath.

    List Of Approved Exchanges To Sell and Buy Electroneum

    Cryptopia – Now Listed and Trading with BTC/LTC (no ID confirmation)

    HitBtc – Applied (no ID confirmation)

    Yet to Apply: Livecoin, Poloniex (requires ID confirmation), Bittrex (requires ID check), Liqui, Bitfinex, Evercoin, Exmo

  3. Store/Transfer some Bitcoin to exchange wallet.
  4. At that point, you can purchase Electroneum from the trades utilizing Bitcoin and after that HOLD till the electroneum price comes to 1$ or more. Ask your questions using the comment box below.

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How To Sell Electroneum On Exchanges

  1. Deposit or transfer the electroneum to the electroneum wallet of the exchange.
  2. Enter the price in bitcoin and after that you can click on sell.

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