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Sell Gift Cards

You can sell iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Walmart, Steam, Sephora e.t.c Any country, any amount. We pay in Naira, Cedis, Paypal, INR, and RMB. We are available 24/7 and payment is within 5minutes. We offer the best gift card rates.

Reliable Platform

We are a fully registered company with traces of business activities. Our services bespeak professionalism and we have testimonials to justify our claims.

Efficient Systems

We provide an avenue for you to trade securely online as quickly as possible and get your money instantly and safely without no delay whatsoever.

Best Rates

Our rates are unbeatable and impressively awesome. We are the direct loader of all the cards you sell to us, no middleman, our rates will always favour you.

About Paxtradings

PAX Tradings is the most reliable gift cards buyer. We are a fully registered organization under PAX TRADINGS CORP LTD with Company Number 10536825

We are partners with Chinese firms who use these Cards for various sorts of digital operations, we have several clients that look up to us for daily supply. For this reason, we offer the best of rates better than PaxfulAfrbtc, Localbitcoins or any other site to sell gift cards in Nigeria, Ghana, India and China.

  • Payment In Naira, Cedis, Paypal, INR & BTC
  • We Are Available 24/7 For Trades
  • We Offer Apple ID For Bulk iTunes Suppliers

You Can Trust Us

Firstly, honesty is our watchword. We make far more than enough money trading cards the legit way daily, and we need not rip you off your sweat before we make gains.

We understand that honesty is the best way to keep you coming back to us, and we pledge to stay glued to this, more reason why our deals are fair and square.

We have testimonials to justify our authenticity. You can scroll further down for real testimonials by real people who have done business with us in the past.

Moreso, we have been recommended on: Minds, DSpaceCloud, RealyTimes, RealCryptocurrencyHub, SuccessBusiness, and lots more.



Trade iTunes card for cash or bitcoins in Nigeria, Ghana, USA, China. We buy various countries, iTunes ecodes, and big single denominations.

Site To Sell Amazon Gift Card

Exchange Amazon Card For money or bitcoins fast with receipt or witha out receipt. We also buy Amazon ecodes and various countries.

How To Sell Steam Gift Card

You can trade your steam card in exchange for naira, cedis, bitcoins, paypal, payoneer or INR within minutes at best rates. We buy any country and any denomination of steam card.

How To Sell Walmart Gift Card

Exchange Walmart card for bitcoins or cash in Nigeria, Ghana, USA, China and just any other country. We buy both physical cards and ecodes.

Message Us Now


Transfer of payment in Naira doesn’t take more than 5minutes. Kindly provide your Nigerian bank details. You’ll be credited within 5-10minutes once the card is loaded successfully.


Sell iTunes card for Cedis, also Google play, Walmart, vanilla and Amazon gift cards. We pay via mobile money and rates are the best throughout Ghana.


You can be paid bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Payment via bitcoin is instant. Just provide your wallet address and we credit you instantly once the card is loaded successfully.


You can as well sell gift cards for PayPal or PM via other online payment methods. We also pay INR for Indians via PayTM, we pay RMB for Chinese, as well as Skrill.

Message Us Now


Our mode of operation is pretty simple. We have made the process as seamless as possible without compromising friendly communication and fast payment.


1. Contact us on Whatsapp at +6283141553228 OR CLICK HERE to get started. We prefer Whatsapp as it is the fastest means. We are available 24/7 as our reps take turns to stay online. But our services are mostly slow on Sundays. Kindly bear with us.

2. We will reply you almost immediately. Tell us what card you have and your preferred payment method. Be it Naira bank transfer, Cedis mobile money, RMB, INR or Paypal.

3. Verification of card is instant since we load the cards ourselves. Once card is verified successfully, payment is instantly done. The whole trading process does not take more than 5 minutes.

Trade At Amazing Rates

We are giving amazing gift card rates within this period, the offer ends soon.
Only contact us if you have a valid gift card(s) to sell. Honesty is the sole of the gift cards business, and it’s the only thing that has kept us till this day.


Say no to rippers and dubious middlemen who give low rates.

Stop sending your cards to rippers or to middlemen who give you low rates, and then, bring to us to sell, why not connect with us directly? In this case, you won’t have to worry about getting scammed, cheated or not making enough profits with your cards.


Still in doubt? Below are some payment proofs. We are 100% legit, no doubt. Contact us on Whatsapp at +6283141553228 OR CLICK HERE to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Each Transaction Take?

5-10Minutes once a trade is initiated. If your card is redeemed successfully, you’ll be credited within 10minutes.

How Do I Get My Money?

Kindly send card picture and provide your payment details (Bank details or BTC Address or Payment Email) . You’ll be credited within 5-10minutes once card is loaded successfully.

Are You Always Available?

We are available 24/7.

How Much Can I Sell $100 iTunes In Nigeria / Ghana / China?

Rate isn’t constant, so price varies. Most times, $100 iTunes card will pay you around $70-$85 BTC, 26,000Naira-35,000Naira, 330Cedis-390Cedis, 470RMB-600RMB.

How Much Can I Sell $50 iTunes Card In Nigeria / Ghana / China?

iTunes Rate isn’t constant, so price varies. Most times, $50 iTunes will pay you around $30-$40 BTC, 13,000Naira-16,000Naira, 160Cedis-190Cedis, 230RMB-290RMB.

How Much Can I Sell $100 Amazon With Receipt

Amazon Rate isn’t constant as well. Most times, $100 Amazon with cash receipt or debit receipt will pay you around $70-$90 BTC, 30,000Naira-40,000Naira, 370Cedis-500Cedis, 520RMB-700RMB.

How Much Can I Sell $50 Amazon Card With Receipt

Amazon Rate isn’t constant as well. Most times, $50 Amazon gift card with cash receipt or debit receipt will pay you around $35-$45 BTC, 15,000Naira-20,000Naira, 180Cedis-250Cedis, 260RMB-350RMB.

Do You Buy Mexican iTunes Card?

No. We don’t accept Mexican cards.

Do You Need Receipt For iTunes?

NO, we don’t need.

Do You Offer iTunes ID For Bulk Loaders?

Yes, we give ID for bulk loaders who can load 1000$+ a day. You take login and load the cards yourself. We also give better rates for this.

Can I Exchange iTunes Gift Card To Paypal?

Yes. We pay in Paypal as well.

Can I Sell iTunes Gift Card For Perfect Money?

Yes. We pay Perfect Money as well.

Can I Sell Bitcoins?

Yes. We also buy bitcoins and pay in Naira, Cedis, RMB and Perfect Money.

Can I Sell Amazon Without Receipt?

YES. We buy without receipt as well. Contact us, let’s trade.

How Can I Trust You?

Scroll up to improve your trust score. However, if you are still in doubt, don’t bother contacting us, we don’t like dealing with doubters.

Do You buy Single Big Denominations Like $200?

Yes, we buy, with good rates.

Why Do You Guys Trade On Whatsapp?

With a view to having a feel of person-to-person relationship, and also in order to ensure a fast and seamless transaction with no risk of system failures, we decided to use Whatsapp as our trading medium. We feel it’s better to relate with customers through the WhatsApp platform, and so far, our feelings never failed us.

Can I Sell Sephora Gift Card For Cash?

Yes, we buy sephora gift card for naira, cedis, rmb and bitcoins. You can sell sephora gift card to us at best rates. You can as well exchange sephora for bitcoins or paypal.

How Can I Sell Jcpenney Gift Card In Nigeria?

Yes, we buy Jcpenny gift card for naira, cedis, rmb and bitcoins. You can sell Jcpenney gift card to us at best rates. You can as well exchange Jcpenney for bitcoins or paypal.

Stay Safe When Trading Online


Be careful when selling itunes and other gift cards online. There are some internet fraudsters going about using our name to cheat others. Kindly note that we do not transact with any other WhatsApp number apart from the one available on the page (+6283141553228). Also, we do not trade on Facebook or Instagram. Only deal with the contact provided on this page.

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