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What You Can Exchange Your Gift Cards for Bitcoins

//What You Can Exchange Your Gift Cards for Bitcoins

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have been creating a buzz lately. Some people even get to the point to wonder if they could trade their iTunes gift card to Bitcoin. Gift cards are popular items that people normally sell in forums or other online markets. Many people do not know that gift cards can also be actually used to purchase Bitcoins.

The most common places to trade surplus gift cards to Bitcoin is in peer-to-peer marketplaces. If you have some unused gift cards and they are one of the cards mentioned below, you might want to start researching about Bitcoin.

Gift Cards from Amazon

If you are looking for a gift card that is easy to convert into Bitcoins, an Amazon gift card is one of them. We all know how successful Amazon is. The gift cards that they give away are successful even in Bitcoin marketplaces. The good thing is that it will not matter where the gift card came from. There is always a way to exchange it. You just have to deal with the possibility that the price may be discounted.

PayPal My Cash Cards

There is an ongoing debate about whether people should patronize PayPal’s gift cards. There was news that PayPal’s system has become a target of many online criminals. If you can secure yourself a gift card code from PayPal, then you can convert it to Bitcoin. Just remember that those who sell Bitcoin might not be all that sold in the idea of PayPal’s gift cards.

Gift Cards from Netflix

In the past few years, Netflix has grown to become a household name. For now, Netflix does not accept direct Bitcoin payment. However, there is a workaround. You can use a gift card or a debit card that supports Bitcoin. Netflix is getting bigger, and it might not be that far when the popular video platform accepts Bitcoin.

Gift Cards from eBay

If a platform produces gift cards but does not accept Bitcoin as payment, then that is advantageous. eBay is one of these platforms. If you have a gift card from them, you can easily exchange it to Bitcoin. The popular marketplace is home to a lot of online sellers and buyers alike. If you sell an item, chances are, you would have to deal with high costs.

While we are waiting for eBay to accept Bitcoin as direct payments finally, we can take advantage of their gift cards by exchanging them to Bitcoin.

Gift Cards from Starbucks

You heard it right. The world’s most popular coffee chain can help you enter the world of crypto currency. Gift cards from Starbucks are relatively easy to get. This makes the process of converting them to Bitcoin to be equally easy. Codes for these gift cards are very popular in Bitcoin marketplaces.
After all, most Bitcoin users are also coffee lovers.

Gift Cards from iTunes

iTunes remain as the top place to rent or buy digital content. Exchanging your iTunes gift card to Bitcoin is beneficial. There is only a slim chance that Apple will include crypto currencies in their payments page. If you own gift cards from iTunes, it is going to be easy to buy Bitcoins.

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