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What Can You Do With iTunes gift Cards?

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What Can You Do With iTunes gift Cards?

So, you came across a bunch of iTunes Gift card, and don’t know what to do with it. So, you decide to go online, surf the internet a bit to find an article describing what it is exactly you can do with your iTunes credit. Guess what? You just found your answer. I know exactly what you can do with those Gift cards, and I’m about to share it with you. However, you need to answer a first question before we proceed, which iTunes Gift card do you have?

Know Your iTunes Gift Card

Before we know what exactly to go with those gift cards in your hands, it is necessary to know what type they are exactly. You see, Apple sells three types of Gift cards. These are;

  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Apple Music Gift card
  • Apple Store Gift card

iTunes Gift Card

These three gift cards have different functions. For example, an iTunes gift cards are used to buy software, music, and some other products you can download. Basically, it’s like a credit for Apple’s virtual products. It is used for in app purchases by crediting the iTunes account linked with your Apple ID.

Apple Music Gift Card

Apple Music Gift cards on the other hand, are generally available for three and twelve months purchases. They were created to redeem an Apple Music subscription. The three and twelve-month purchases implies that anytime your gift card runs out, your account will return to being charged as normal

Apple Store Gift Card

The first thing you have to know about this gift card is that, it can only be used on Apple’s website, over your phone or in an Apple store. You can use it to purchase an iPhone, MacBook, or an iPad. If you so wish, you can use it to buy an Apple Watch. As long as all your purchases are made in an Apple retail outlet. Using it on the website or over the phone just requires you quoting the code at the back.

Since this article is not about Apple Music Gift card, neither is it about Apple Store Gift card, we’ll get back to the subject matter.

What You Can Do with Your iTunes Gift Card.

The first thing you need to do to use your iTunes Gift card is to redeem it. Naturally, it gets added to your iTunes account when you do this. Which means, you cannot transfer it and any subsequent purchases made would be deducted from the account. All you need to redeem your iTunes credit is your iPhone, iPad, or use iTunes on your Mac or PC. Let’s go over the steps, shall we?

How to Redeem Your iTunes Gift Card on Your iOS Device

  • Step #1: Tap the “App Store” on your iPhone or iPad
  • Step #2: Look for the “Featured” tab. Then scroll down to the bottom and tap “Redeem”
  • Step#3: Tap “Use Camera”. That way, you get to scan the barcode. Alternatively, you can simply enter the code manually.

How to Redeem Your iTunes Gift Card Using Mac or PC

  • Step #1: Launch the iTunes you have installed on your PC, and click on “Music”.
  • Step #2: Click on the “Store” tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the “Manage’ heading.
  • Step #3: Click “Redeem”

Yes, it is that easy. Three easy steps to redeem your gift card. The question that made you start reading this article is still there. What exactly can you do with the iTunes Gift cards you have? Here is an idea;

Buy iOS or tvOS Apps and Games

This is probably the most common use of iTunes credit. Folks generally use it to buy apps and games on their iOS devices. The fact that the items on the App Store is generally are generally cheap guarantees that your iTunes credit lasts a while.  Don’t’ forget that I mentioned earlier that you can use the iTunes Card to make in-app purchases.

Buy Mac Apps and Games

This is quite obvious, don’t you think? Like the iOS, you can equally use your iTunes Gift cards to make purchases on the Mac Store. The major difference is that the apps and games are significantly more expensive compared with the iOS App stores’. Then again, they are also more powerful.

Buy Media on iTunes

You can use your iTunes credit to purchase music, buy or rent movies, and buy content using your Apple TV. In fact, this was what the service sold when it was first established. You can use it to purchase the album of your favorite artists. If not, you can simply use it for your Apple Music subscription.

You Can Buy Books Too

The fact that you can use your iOS device as an eBook reader means you can also purchase books from the iBooks Store (which is available on both your mobile device and your computer). There are no limits to the eBooks you can purchase, just as long as you have enough iTunes credit.

On A Final Note

Giving out an iTunes Gift Card is a way of giving out entertainment as a gift to a loved one. If you do decide to use it, the purchases are endless, but limited to virtual purchase. Regardless of what you chose to do with your iTunes Credit, the most important thing is to spend the credit wisely.

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