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PAX Trading > Useful Tools > An Ultimate Guide To CC Topup – 100% Working Method 2019

Hello there.

Due to numerous requests concerning the latest working method to do CC Topup. We have decided to compile a PDF tutorial guide on the best cc topup tutorial 2019.

This is one the best page you’d ever open when it comes to how to do cc topup and other credit card scam formats in Nigeria, Ghana, India, South Africa, Malaysia e.t.c – working 100% in 2019. I must mention, in this guide are very exclusive information not known to most carders.

Sometimes, guys would like to top up their credit cards CC, however, due to lack of proper information or because they have no one to put them through, they have trouble finding much information about how to topup CC (CREDIT CARDS). Also, lately, a lot of people have been disturbing us about the working method they can use to topup cc, so we decided to set up a page for the cc topup guide on this platform.

This cc topup method is very simple but only a genius can come up with it, we have saved you the worries and we’d be revealing this 2019 100% working cc topup method in this guide. In case you didn’t know, we have dropped a couple of tutorials on cc topup, carding, and other hack tools and the feedback we got from people are great justifications that we’re not here to waste anyone’s time.

How To Topup Credit Cards CC – The Ultimate 2019 Tutorial Guide – 100% Working

In this guide, we’ll be teaching you different methods which you might have heard of but the procedure in this cc topup guide is quite different.

Types Of CC Topup?

There are two types of CC Topup I’d be teaching in this guide. I will teach you these two methods that I am still using in 2019.

  1. CC Topup with Online Access
  2. CC Topup without online access

We will teach you the surest technique on how to get CC with full online details and how to use this to do carding, pay for dating sites and run other several levels we have mentioned in the guide.

How To Logging To The CC Credit Card?

Need not to worry, we have provided a step-by-step guide with screenshots on how to logging into the credit card for more massive cashout.

Sorry we won’t be able to type too much. This is a no-dulling season, don’t get it twisted. The more you wait, the more funds you lose. And mind you, great information is never gotten for free. We will be giving out this cc topup pdf guide for a token fee and we won’t make it cheap so boys won’t start flooding the cc topup method and cast it. Though even if they cast it we’ll still find another sure way in no time and update it.

How To Learn CC Topup in Nigeria

If you are ready to learn the A-Z guide of CC Topup, you’ll pay $50 worth of BTC. I will give you a PDF guide, very composed of screenshots and packaged with other required tools to help you with CC Topup from A to Z.

If you are ready, we have brought the price down for the meantime, enjoy. Now, you can get this package for as low as $50. We only accept payment in Bitcoins.


 The package will be delivered to you via Email once payment is confirmed.

If you don’t cash out with CC Topup after buying this guide, we offer a full money back guarantee.


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