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Most times we were given a Gift Card or an iTunes card promo code, but we are not sure if it’s still working or it’s no more working. Here’s a smart way to figure out.

Usually, the only choice we have to know is to try and redeem it, but it spoils any opportunity of allowing another person to utilise it. Instead, try logging out of iTunes, and if you have a “save password” option, log back in to uncheck the option before logging out again.

Get out of iTunes at once to be on the safer side, then reopen it and try to redeem the code without logging in first. If it has already been used, I mean the code, you’ll get an alert telling you so, but if it can still be redeemed, iTunes will demand for your password, which is the place you press cancel to leave it like that.

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  1. Lee Ferraris

    I have some App Store & iTunes gift cards and would like to check the balance. All numbers begin with XM but I do not see a security code.

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