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Check Out the Risk Free Escrow for Professional Traders on Paxful

//Check Out the Risk Free Escrow for Professional Traders on Paxful

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A new form of escrow for professional traders is available of Paxful. This is a feature that allows unfunded offers to be listed to buyers when they search and trades can begin without the funds being released into escrow yet. This makes it possible for a seller to list several offers without having to deposit the bitcoins necessary for the trades to take place first.


Notifications will inform the seller when a trade has been opened. The seller can then deposit the coins and after three confirmations, is allowed to fund the trade. The trade proceeds normally from here on and you can conclude it just like other escrow markets. A streamlined User Interface has been provided to guide new sellers on how to go through the process and to keep them assured.


This is a remarkable development which sets paxful apart from other marketplaces and is indeed why the platform keeps growing in leaps and bounds.

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