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How to Convert Amazon Gift Card to Cash

Are you wondering how to convert the Amazon gift card in your hand to some cool cash? Or did one of your good friends award you with a huge value gift card and you wish you could just get the money worth of it?

We all know that Amazon will not exchange the gift card for you for money, so how can you really convert your Amazon gift cards to cash? You may also be face with the question, what is the best way to convert your gift cards to cash.

I don’t believe there is one “best” way to do this, so I will do well and share you some means by which you could get your cash. Here are some quick ways to get cash in place of your gift cards or even get more value on every sale based on your situation and the value that your gift cards carry.

Convert Your Amazon Gift Card to Cash

1. You Can Use eBay.

I believe eBay offers a pretty cool deal, in fact, they can offer you more cash than what your gift card carries on its face value. I was surprised when I saw a friend get paid $67,99 for his $60 worth Amazon gift card. I tried to research further and ask questions on reasons why people stand the chance of getting paid higher than their gift card worth. A viewpoint says that some people from other countries buy in other to resale at a much higher price due to the value of their country’s currency. Another theory explains that some buyers buy in order to use cashback sites to shop on eBay. Sometimes these sites award way more extra cash which fills in for the deficit they had incurred while buying the gift cards.

2. Reddit Is a Viable Option

This site actually created a subreddit platform basically to help people to convert gift cards to cash. In other words, this sub-platform helps you trade your unwanted gift cards. You will need to create a Reddit account if you don’t have one, in order to use this service. Sign up here. All you need do here is to provide details about your gift card, the value and how much you would like to be paid for it, the wait for a while for other users of the platform to respond. This is not all they offer, they also have another platform where you can barter your gift cards for cash, although most times people use this platform to exchange tangible good rather than gift cards. This subreddit is called /r/barter.

3. Buy stuff with it and Sell to Friends.

You can decide to be more creative by asking your friends if they need to buy things from Amazon, this way you can buy for them and get cash in return for your gift card.

4. Sell using Craigslist.  

You can also work on Craigslist, just that you will have to part with some of the worth of your gift card, in that they buy gift cards for a little less than its value. The good news, however, is that, it is one of the fastest ways of getting your cash in that they pay you immediately you agree to the terms they provided. In this case you may have to sell your $300 worth gift card for $250 or lesser if you are willing to.

5. Using Reseller Sites.

This method may not guarantee you a quick cash back. Here you may employ Gift Card Reseller sites to help you sell your gift card. It may take longer but it actually works. You may try the following legit sites: CardPool, Gift Card Granny, Cash Card (previously plastic Jungle), Gift Card Rescue etc.

6. Sell on Raise.

Raise is an app that works like the CardPool website. All you need do is make an offer of your gift card in a value less than that of its face value. This way, interested buyers will negotiate and buy your gift card from you. Click here to download Raise.

7. Sell for Bitcoin.  

A good number of sites have arisen to this occasion. In other words, you can now exchange your Amazon gift cards for bitcoin on some sites specifically created for this. Some of these websites include: Purse, this site was created specifically to allow people to trade Amazon gift cards for bitcoin. This way holders of Bitcoin will create a form of Wishlist of things they wish to buy from Amazon allowing people with unused gift cards to buy for them in exchange for bitcoin. This is a relatively safe program in that a panel was put in place to ensure that both parties get their desired items. The buyer gets their item and you get your bitcoin. This way you can quickly get your cash by selling your bitcoin using swift means available.

8. Buy items via Amazon Payments.

Let’s say you don’t actually need cash but other items that Amazon do not have, all you need to do is use your gift card balance to purchase items from other merchants that accept Amazon Payments. Check a couple of these sites here.

9. Buy grocery and pay yourself at a future time.

The interesting thing is that you can now buy stuff like this on Amazon. Most times people buy groceries a few times a week. This way you can buy extra more groceries for the next week with your gift card. This way you will be able to pay yourself the equivalent amount you spent using the gift card in cash when you get your paycheck.

At this point, you must have been loaded with a couple of options from which you could choose to convert your gift cards to cash. This article also provided for situations where you don’t even need the cash but you also don’t want the gift card, this includes bartering it for other items, exchanging it for bitcoin etc. Don’t just leave your gift card to rot, you can enjoy its full value employing one or two of the means provided above.

You can save yourself the worries and sell your Amazon gift cards to us.


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