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How To Create an Offer and Sell on Paxful

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As with all good business opportunities, there are some offers which look too good to be true and a lot of offers which are dangerously close to outright scam. To avoid dealing with these dubious offers and unscrupulous people, it is advisable you locate the “Create an Offer” link and create your own offer. An added benefit of this is the opportunity to set your own prices.

Click on the drop down on the “Buy Bitcoin” button on the Paxful website(after you’ve logged in) and you’ll see the “Create an Offer” link. Clicking on this link brings an option to “Buy Bitcoin” or “Sell bitcoin”. You can then click on the “Sell Bitcoin” option and set about creating a profitable but reasonable selling offer. There are number of processes involved in creating a valid and reasonable offer on Paxful. Let me summarise these steps.

#Choose Currency, Select Payment Method and Payment Method Label

After clicking on the “Sell Bitcoin” option under creating an offer, the next page you’ll see is the page where you choose the currency with which you wanna trade your bitcoin. All available currencies are listed on this page, to make it easy for you to locate and select any currency you wish to trade your bitcoin with. Any currency not listed on this page is not available for trading. Once you select the currency you want, the next window that comes up is where you select the kind of payment method you want to.be paid with. There are over 300 payment methods on Paxful including Gift cards, amazon, PayPal, credit cards, money transfers, cash deposits and so on. You just pick whicwver one is most convenient for you from them. Then comes the page where you can leave a note for prospective buyers to see with the payment method you chose. This might be any number of information pertaining to the payment method you have chosen which you want your prospective buyer to know about.


For however reasons probably known to you only, you might want your offer to be specifically displayed in certain regions. This window presents a form for you to pick countries where you want your offer displayed.

#Price Margin

The next window after selection countries where you want your offer displayed is the window where you set the price margin for your offer. This means you select the percentage by which you want to increase the price of your bitcoin. This percentage you set will be unimpeded by the live price of bitcoin. The price will always increase by whichever percentage you set.

#Set Minimum and Maximum Amount

Due to the volatility of bitcoin prices, you are allowed to create a safe haven where you can safely make Informed decisions if the price of bitcoin fluctuates.

Alternatively, you can use preset amounts on the website. This is useful if you have a specific price or a very close and small range of price which you are looking for. Selecting this option allows you to attain whatever you are aiming for by selling your bitcoin.

#Payment Window

After setting the minimum and maximum amounts or selecting a predefined amount, the next step is to create a payment window I.e you set the amount of time a customer has to complete the payment and confirm the purchase. Depending on how quickly you want your transactions completed, you should set your payment window accordingly.

#Offer Terms

If you have any number of thoughts or instructions on how you want the buyer to complete the purchase and make the payment, you can drop them here where it will be made sure to get to the table of the amyrlin. Redesign this based on your needs and your selected mode of payment. Also, you can select predefined terms tags related to your terms.

#Trade Instructions and Advanced Settings

To help your prospective buyer further understand what he is doing and the ways to go about doing them, you can give them your instructions here. You can drop instructions on what to do to get their bitcoins, how to pay, forms of payment and so on. The advanced settings button allows you control some functions which are only useful to you based on your personal preferences.

#Disallowed Countries and Allowed Countries

Here you can choose if you do not want people from certain countries to to see your offer. Enter the countries in the section provided and they are blocked from seeing your offers.

After that is the allowed countries section where you can choose if you want certain countries to see your offer. Here you write the countries you specifically want to make.sure your offer is displayed there as opposed to “Disallowed Countries”

Other steps to go through include:

paxful app

  • Verified- Require that your prospective buyers must have verified all necessary things to increase their integrity
  • Offer Visibility- Select if you want offer to be shown to just people who are trusted I.e people who have been marked a s trustworthy by a large number of users.
  • Require Minimum- You can select of you want prospective buyers to have a had a minimum number of trades to be eligible for your offer. Enter the minimum in the section provided.


Once you’ve done all this, you have successfully created an offer and you can now open the Vendor Dashboard where you can observe and monitor your trades, earnings and all activities on your account.

Once you create an offer, people can now request to buy from you. Thus places the trade in a column called “Active Chats” and you can click on the “Chat” link to start conversations.

Since all trades are performed through live chats, you can easily upload and receive all documents and proofs you need. If a trade is then completed and you are satisfied, you can release bitcoins to the buyer and voilà, you are now a Paxful seller already making money. Of course always make sure the trades are real and secure before realeasing bitcoins. Once you release the coins, you can’t undo it. Happy selling.

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