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PAX Trading > BUYING BITCOINS > EasyBTCDoubler.com Review – Legit Or Scam?

EasyBTCDoubler is full of smart, driven people who care a lot more about getting it done, and helping investors make profits with bitcoins by doubling their bitcoins within hours.

Over time, there have been questions as to whether easybtcdoubler.com is scam or legit and several users have been asking for reviews. And since it is our importance as a bitcoin blog to give reviews of easybtcdoubler, here you have it.


Case Study – Easybtcdoubler Review

I personally gave it a test and proceeded to their site easybtcdoubler.com to invest. Then waited few hours as promised to get it doubled. I was able to track my investment within this period and see the progress. Within the promised hours, I got double the bitcoins I invested in my wallet and was confirmed almost instantly.

So, Is Easybtcdoubler scam or legit?

It is legit. Unmlike other bitcoin doubler sites whose owners are always faceless and unknown meaning they can disappear with your money at anytime, easybtcdoubler is bold enough to put up the faces of the owners on their website, with their linkedin profiles, the key members of the team are:

1. Steve Hipwell – CEO & Founder – Linkedin Profile

2. Duong Thanh Tung – Tech Manager – Linkedin Profile

3. Cong Nguyen Van – Technical Project Leader – Linkedin Profile

4. Hanh Truong Thi – Customer Service – Linkedin Profile


Easybtcdoubler In The News

Easybtcdoubler has been mentioned on a couple of reputable websites on the internet, all of which recommend their services. It is obvious that these platforms would not refer users to them if they weren’t real investors. Some of these platforms include, World NewsSon-SunBehance, and Diigispot.

EasybtcDoubler Testimonial Videos

Some users as well send them video testimonial after getting paid. Video must not be more than 15seconds and the sound must be audible. There is no fee attached to this, they only do it out of free will. You can forward the video to contact@easybtcdoubler.com. They shall post it on their testimonials page.

See some videos below:

In Conclusion

Esybtcdoubler is a real investment company. Feel free to head to their website and make some investments. Visit Easybtcdoubler.com.

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27 Responses
  1. Ben

    I think its a legit thing… When I try to withdraw it stays pending more than 30mins as promised.. but I finally got bitcoins in my wallet. I will use the site again

  2. Sidney

    I love this site. While trying to withdraw my interest last night, I got stuck and I contacted their support ticket and it was attended to instantly I got my withdrawal. Thanks for this

  3. M. Z

    Are you kidding? You guys changed my comment. Stop stealing peoples money. What kind of people are you? You are so heartless. Okay. Paxtrading is also a scam. Noted.

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