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Why Electroneum is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in in 2018

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Why Electroneum is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in in 2017

A new player has arrived on the cryptocurrency scene with a bang aiming to take over and shock the older currencies out of the rut of complacency they’ve fallen into. The above-mentioned cryptocurrency, named Electroneum, is a British owned cryptocurrency with the specific aim( and major selling point) of targeting mobile gaming platforms and online gambling. It’s designed with mobile-friendliness, fast transactions, and easy micropayments in mind. Indeed, it is the mobile user’s cryptocurrency. It is built with its own custom blockchain technology that makes it even more independent and versatile than expected. These hosts of of good attributes and the resounding success of the coin’s ICO are what has made it sure that the coin is and will be a brilliant investment opportunity for those who are smart enough to see it. Wanna know how? Stay with me.

First off, electroneum is the most easily accessible cryptocurrency ever. About 2.2 billion people in the world are mobile phone users and electroneum was designed specifically to provide easy access to cryptocurrency for mobile users. You can manage all your transactions on your mobile phone. The mobile app has a very simple and efficient design that makes its use appealing. You can also mine coins using your mobile app. All these makes for a cryptocurrency that’ll give you absolutely no problem when you are buying or selling. So the question is, have you started buying yet?

Because of the mobile design and because of the dramatic way electroneum broke the stereotype, going straight for a mobile platform, opting to skip the PC platform, people are intrigued. It has captured attention and people have become real interested in it. As a result of this, it is certain that electroneum is going to be very popular. As such, there is no chance of you losing on your investment due to poor response. The enthusiastic response to the coin is evident in the fact that over 220,000 people have already registered for the coin, which is up to 7% of the entire bitcoin user base. So the coin is definitely a success. So the question again is, will you be part of it?

Also, it is certain that the price will increase. How do I know that? Simple. Using a law of economics, when demand increases, supply decreases and price rises. When people who were not able to or were not convinced enough to buy electroneum at the early stages start seeing the full potential of the coin in manifestation, they will want to also join the bandwagon. They’ll have to buy from the current holders of the coin in such a situation. The current holders of the coin, seeing a chance to make money on their investments, will then increase the price before selling to the newcomers. This new price then becomes the value of the coin. The newcomers also, when they decide to sell, increase the price again to make their own gains on the investment. This cycle goes on continuously with the price rising steadily. As such, you will certainly make money on your investment. Once more, what are you waiting for?

Indeed there are many more reasons why electroneum is the perfect investment opportunity for you in 2017. Even bitcoin’s own story serves as an encouragement to try to catch the train while it is still moving slow. Suffice to say, electroneum is an investment opportunity direct from heaven itself, which any investor worth his salt must not fail to capitalise upon. So the question one more time is, are you an investor that is worth his salt?

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