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As Electroneum Re-Launch in 30 mins – Things To Take Note

PAX Trading > Electroneum > As Electroneum Re-Launch in 30 mins – Things To Take Note

Hi Everyone!

We are launch access to the Android app and web based wallet manager in approximately 30 minutes (12 noon UK time).

1. Ensure you are 100% confident that the password you use to secure your email account is a password you’ve never used anywhere else and you are sure your email account is secure (this is the password you enter at Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, POP3 etc.).

1. AFTER 12 noon (UK TIME) visit: https://my.electroneum.com/resetting/request

2. Enter your email address and then follow the instructions. You must use the ORIGINAL email address that you created your account with. You will receive an email with a link you must click to continue.

3. You will be asked to choose a new, secure, password for your Electroneum Account. Ensure you choose a password that you have not used anywhere else. The system will insist on you choosing a secure password.

4. You will then be asked to provide your dialing country code and mobile phone number. Simply choose the country your mobile phone is registered in. If you do not have a mobile phone number for any reason you will need to confirm your account with a friend’s mobile phone – please note that a mobile phone number can only be linked to a single account. You will be sent a 6 digit number by SMS that you will be asked for to continue your account setup.

5. You will then need to choose a 5 digit PIN which will be used to protect your transactions. You will need to provide a PIN recovery email address, in case your forget your PIN. This cannot be your primary email address.

6. Your account setup is then complete. You can make transfers, check your balance etc.

If you would love to buy or sell Electroneum directly in Naira – Contact on Whatsapp at +6283141553228 Or Click Here.


This is a blockchain app – transactions do not occur at the speed of VISA – if you SEND ETN somewhere it will take at least 10 minutes to confirm the transaction, and at peak times (such as launch) it may take substantially longer (nobody has ever handled transactions on a blockchain at this scale)

Even getting your balance requires our servers to query the live blockchain. This is not an instant process. It will take a minute or more to get a balance, again depending on load. Please be patient.


Electroneum is currently trading on the Cryptopia.co.nz cryptocurrency exchange. We have applied for other exchanges, but currently that is the only place you can convert ETN to BTC (or other currencies).

If you transfer any Electroneum to Cryptopia.co.nz it is ESSENTIAL that you use a PAYMENT ID as part of the transaction (Cryptopia.co.nz will give you the PAYMENT ID you need for the transaction). If you only use the Cryptopia.co.nz ETN address and fail to enter the payment ID, your ETN could be lost. This is out of our control.

It is important that you remember to use that PAYMENT ID (which you can scan by QR code from the app, or copy and paste if logged in via a browser).

We have given advanced notification to Cryptopia that they are likely to experience heavy load today, but please be patient if you experience any delays.

Android App Download

If you have an Android device you’ll need to download the new app from the play store AFTER 12 noon. Google roll out apps around the world over a few hours, so we can’t guarantee you’ll have instant access to the new app, but keep trying after 12 noon (UK time). You’ll need to remove the old app from your phone, we are starting fresh due to the number of changes, which now includes 18 languages, market data and a viral referral system.

This is the download URL of the new app. Please note that it will give a 404 Error until the App is available in your country. It will go live as soon as possible after 12 noon UK time.


iPhone users (iOS)

Our iPhone app won’t be live until next year – but all iOS users can use the web-based wallet system (https://my.electroneum.com) which will be live at noon. This can be accessed on any device and allows iOS users access to their wallets.

Please be patient, we are working hard to get this out smoothly. Please remember that in the history of the world nobody has ever done this with blockchain and an app at this scale. We will be monitoring the system and working hard to ensure we keep everything working as smoothly as possible during this very busy time and our server architecture now has more than more than 300 different live servers running in the background to cope with today’s demand!

Have a great day / evening everyone!

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