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How To Send Fake Bitcoin Transactions – 100% Working 2018

Have you been looking for a perfect way to send fake way to send fake bitcoin and generate fake blockchain transactions? Here is your best bet.

The powerful “PXBitcoin Transaction Builder” is your best bet.

This software generates fake Bitcoin transactions into the Bitcoin network for 12 hours and stays unconfirmed before it disappears. That is, this software generates bitcoin transactions that you can use to trick anyone, but in the real sense, the transactions are fake.

How does the PXBitcoin Transaction Builder work to generate Fake Bitcoin Transactions?

  1. You input the sender and receiver’s bitcoin addresses.
  2. You as well input the amount.
  3. Then click on “Generate“.
  4. The software will give you a live blockchain link to track the transaction, making it look real. But the transaction disappears after 12hours. Meanwhile, 12hours is enough to trick anyone, isn’t it?

We have developed this software strictly with modern technologies to imitate the bitcoin double spend notion. The software fakes bitcoin sending, but since the cryptographic signature doesn’t check out, the nodes in the bitcoin network will ignore the transaction after 12 hours.

Watch the video below to fully understand how the Fake Bitcoin Sender software works.

How To Get The Fake Bitcoin Sender “PXBitcoin Transaction Builder” software

We have brought the price down for the meantime, enjoy. Now, you can get this software for as low as $100. We only accept payment in Bitcoins. Send $100 to the address > 1DZRbHAMR3nyZ2YVXHTpNm1eZNZPLguSPa. Then send an email to paxtradings1@gmail.com with payment confirmation.

 The software will be delivered to you via Email once payment is confirmed.
NOTE: If you use this software to cheat others, you are totally responsible for your actions.
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