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PAX Trading > Exchanges > Gift Card Site Review – Is It Safe To Sell Gift Cards On That Site?

Gift cards are simply defined as a prepaid digital card used to store money for future use. It is usually issued by a retailer or bank and can be used as an alternative to cash for purchases.

Gift cards are of different kinds, manufactured by a lot of distinctive labels and can only be obtained from authorized shops. In Nigeria, the business of selling gift cards could be very lucrative if sold through the appropriate sites.

There are lots of platforms where these gift cards can be sold at very attractive rates; however, to get the best of this card, you should always be on the lookout for the most satisfactory and safe platform. 


Not until lately, most of our guests have been making lots of enquires about a specific site, asking how reliable it is to sell their gift cards there.

It is of paramount importance for our guests to adhere or conduct their businesses on only approved sites in Nigeria to avoid falling prey to fraudsters. As a result of this, we have shortlisted some highly trusted and secured sites in Nigeria that are safe for the sales of gift cards for naira.  


These include sites such as Paxful.comPаxtrаdіngѕ.соmSеllсаrdbtс.соmPoolofcards.com, and Cаѕhрluѕgіftсаrdѕ.соm.

Paxful:  Not only can you exchange your gift cards for naira, but you can also purchase bitcoin using your Amazon cards, iTunes gift card and several other gift cards at this site.

Paxtradings.com: This site permits you to obtain bitcoins for your gift cards. Why not click Paxtradings .com for more information.

You can click here to contact Paxtradings.

Sеllсаrdbtс.соm: This site concentrates on giving clients the appropriate earnings for their bitcoins and gift cards. For further inquiries, you can reach them on sellcardbtc.com

You can click here to contact Sellcardbtc.


The Poolofcards.com is a site that utilizes different gift cards to make purchases on various sites at a reduced cost and in return offers the right earnings for your gift cards. You can contact them by visiting their website.

You can click here to contact poolofcards.

Cashplusgiftcards.com: This is yet another outstanding website in Nigeria where you can sell your gift cards without difficulty.

You can click here to contact Cashplusgiftcards.

With the aforementioned sites, one can effectively sell your various types of gift cards without fear of being scammed.


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