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Gift Cards or Actual Gifts — Which is Better?

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It is a common practice during the Holidays and birthdays or anniversaries — we give gifts to our family and friends. And, to some, thinking about what to buy for loved ones should happen as early as possible in order to avoid stress during the Holiday rush or the big day. Thankfully, there are many ways to give gifts to our friends. You can buy actual gifts or give them a gift card like iTunes or Amazon. If you prefer buying real gifts then you can sell iTunes card that you don’t need for real cash or Bitcoin.

Now, the pressing question — “Should I give a simple gift card or go that extra mile and buy my loved ones an actual gift?”

Let us look at some of the factors that could determine whether it is wiser to give a gift card or an actual gift as a present for your loved ones:

The Advantages:

  • Gift Cards: One of the most obvious advantages of a gift card is that you are giving the recipient some sort of a freedom to buy whatever they want. They are very practical but they could also imply lack of enthusiasm on your part as the giver.
  • Actual Gifts: Actual gifts can be really good because they are perceived with a higher value on the side of the recipient. However, it could be stressful for the giver as you have to take a lot of things into account such as the desires of the recipient, the gift’s usability and practicality, and the mere gift itself.

Actual Gifts: Risks with Benefits

There is a certain excitement in receiving a gift in the form of a wrapped box. It feels good to be able to rip the wrapping and open a present and then getting surprised by what is inside. However, there is a risk there.
For you to be able to give this experience to the recipient, you should know a lot. You need to know what they really like to receive without downright asking them.

You should think about a gift that they want to have, not what you want to have.

You need to also know if it is worth giving them something that they just want to have or if it is wiser to give them a more practical gift.

Gift Cards: Impersonal but Right at Times

It is true that gift cards are given by those who are too lazy to shop for actual ones. But, that is not always the case. There are a lot of reasons why gift cards are really good options.

First, you may be experiencing some trouble in garnering information about the recipient. You do not know what they want or what gifts work for them. So, why take the trouble? You could easily get a gift card from a department store or if you are lucky to know some of their hobbies, a gift card from their favorite specialty stores.

No one expects you to be totally all out with your gifts as an adult so you should not feel bad if you are only left with the choice of giving a gift card. Plus, it really takes you away from the hassle of having to line up in long lines and going to crowded stores to look for an actual gift.

So, before you Sell iTunes card, consider giving it to a friend who loves music or if you need cash quick exchange it now.

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