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How to give iTunes Gift Cards credit on iPhone and iPad

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An especially remorseless axiom says there’s more than one approach to skin a feline. Genuine or not for felines, its expected importance absolutely applies to sending iTunes blessings and gift vouchers to your friends and family. For a considerable length of time, Apple has gotten their work done to ensure we can undoubtedly swoop up gift vouchers for iTunes at most retailers, online through administrations, for example, PayPal and furthermore straightforwardly blessing applications or music we run over and need to share promptly.

Over the flock of alternatives accessible, there’s another straightforward trap to send (any coveted) iTunes credit to a kindred application client, directly through iTunes or the App Store on iOS. While for no reason a shrouded pearl, we haven’t pointed out it before on iDB, so how about we update you regarding it if important.

Need to rapidly give your child’s iTunes account a little money related lift or send somebody App Store credits for his or her birthday? Indeed, it’s a stroll in the recreation center with the few stages sketched out beneath. Simply snatch your iPhone or iPad and take after our lead!

How to gift iTunes and App Store credit on iOS

1) Open the iTunes Store or App Store app on your iPhone’s or iPad’s Home screen. In this example, we’ll go with the iTunes Store.

2) On the cover page, swipe down to the bottom of the interface.

3) Once you’ve scrolled past all the media on offer, locate the two rounded-edges boxes called Redeem and Send Gift, both of which relate directly to the Apple ID that is currently active. Tap Send Gift. 

4) You next get to name the recipient of your gift in the To: box, write a Message if wanted and most importantly choose the amount of money you want to transfer. If none of the preset dollar amounts look particularly appealing to you, simply hit Other and key in any value between $15 and $200.

In addition, iTunes lets you determine the date of consignment, meaning you can comfortably set a date for the gift to arrive on the other end. After filling in the blanks, touch Next in the top right corner.

5) Pick a theme and continue by again selecting Next.

6) Finally, confirm the details entered (name and addresses) are correct. If so, time to cap it off and hit Buy. Now lean back and feel good about yourself, because you just made somebody’s day.

As a final remark before we close, keep in mind that the country you have selected for your iTunes & App Store also dictates the eligible store on the receiving end of the gift card. In other words, recipients of a US gift card will only be able to redeem said present in the same US store. Might indeed sound like a no-brainer to you, but for users with multiple accounts this can definitely become a huge source of frustration, so be sure to avoid it! With that out of the way, happy gifting!

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