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How To Be Great At Yahoo Yahoo Scamming

//How To Be Great At Yahoo Yahoo Scamming

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For every successful career, there are efforts involved, and it may include having a college degree or even just a bit of technical know-how. Thousands of people have made millions out of internet fraud over the years, and many are still trying to know how to con for a thousand bucks. If you are actually considering taking scamming as a life-long career,then this is for you. Get yourself equipped with the knowledge of how to become a prosperous scammer.

Four Skills for becoming a good scammer:

  •    Be Clever: Only intelligent people get away with fraud. To be a good con, you need to be able to spin innovative ideas within the twinkle of an eye. When one plan fails, you should be ready with another plan to back it up.Being a scammer involves you being able to hit the nail back on the head as one plan fails. Not being smart while scamming is like you stammering at a job interview for the post of an orator.

  •    Be persuasive: if you want your client yo do whatever you want, be persuasive with conversations. Have a silver coated tongue; this may include you making false promises to suit the desire of your client. Remember only to say what the client wants that can make him or her do your bidding.

  •    Be informed: having the first-hand information about your clients is a great advantage. Know almost everything about your client, ranging from their maiden name to their favorite restaurant.

  •    Build a compelling Profile: don’t just have a profile, create one that looks real and act real yourself. Be convincing in all your actions. People only fall for what they fathom as being real.

Are you really sure you have what it takes to be a successful scammer? After possessing these above skills, there are still certain things you have to engage in, be able to emerge as a graduate of the school of scamming.


Steps on how to be successful at scamming:

  •    Inquire well on your client: Would you want to marry someone you don’t know a thing about? This is same for clients,don’t just pick up a client and start conversing with them, ensure to perform a lengthy research on them. Be conversant with what they do, their hobbies; family set up, etc. You could do this by going through their social media profiles. Knowing these clients well makes it very easy for you as a scammer to manipulate them.
  •    Create a buddy-buddy relationship: get friendly with your clients but never in the process let your guards down. Please don’t get too cozy from the start, unless they would suspect a fouls play. Only maintain a friendly relationship to open the gate for intimacy. You are about conning them, don’t forget the task ahead.
  •    Have a Strategy: before even considering messaging or adding anyone up, have a plan. Have an already laid out strategy that you plan on using for your prospective client. Don’t play around, have a format and use it. You should already think ahead of the bumps you could encounter and the solution to profer to them. Without a plan, you are nowhere near being a successful scammer. The popular and simplest to use format that is available now is the dating format or the military format.
  •    Prep your Client: Rome was never built in a day. You need to prepare your client for what is ahead of them. If you are using the dating format; you could send them cute love messages every morning, and before they go to bed, you could send pictures too or have gifts delivered to them. Give something out to take something back in return is the logic.
  •    Lure them: the whole essence of scamming is to be able to deceive. You have to have something that will ginger the interest of your client into falling into your trap. If you are tangled up with a lonely client who is desperately looking for love, you could deceive them easily with telling them you want to move into their house from a far away state or country. Be able to have something that would interest them and make them fall for the deceit.
  •    Embrace Patience: in this line of duty, patience is a virtue, you need to be patient with your victims, don’t rush the process, and just take it one at a time. Impatience is one thing that jeopardizes a scammer’s chance of making cool cash. In becoming a potential scammer, try not to be forward, be patient with your client. If they don’t at once oblige to your request, try other cunning ways to make them do, you are a con, learn to cajole to get what you want.

However, away from getting the actual skills and gaining the knowledge on how to become a successful scammer, you need the right tools to make the job easier.


Tools needed to be a successful Scammer

  •    A Proxy: as a scammer, you need to hide your real location. You don’t want the cops knocking on your door at seven in the morning. Get a strong IP address that can not be tracked.
  •    Canadian PayPal: this will enable you to cash out money easily and without stress, and also doesn’t really need a bank verification.
  •    Grammarly: have an app that verifies your English, you wouldn’t want to speak the wrong kind of English, this will blow up your work.
  •    Different formats: don’t just rely on one billing format, have many at hand; it would give your work efficiency. When one doesn’t make a client pay, you should be able to quickly use another one. Never get stranded on the kind of format to use for your client.

Congratulations, you just gained high-quality knowledge on how to become a successful scammer. However, whether it will work for you or not depends on how you apply it.Don’t flutter, just act and start making money from scamming people.

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