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How To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria Without Getting Scammed

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There are some people that have unused gift cards and don’t know what to do with them. Just like every other gift, gift cards can be an extra gift that we might not find useful at some time, but instead of just dumping them, one of the best things to do with them is to sell.

You need to decide if you really have to sell the gift cards. You might want to take time to think about selling the gift cards or not at a particular time. Since most gift cards last for long, and some don’t even expire, you might want to consider not selling it and keeping it till you will need.

Selling gift cards can be sometimes tough for some people, as there are gift cards scams everywhere. You can see how to scam on Localbitcoins here. That’s why I will take time to carefully explain how you can go about selling your gift cards.

Before selling your gift cards, there are some things you should consider in order to sell them safely, and also get the best deals.

  • Stick to well-known businesses.

Going online to sell gift cards is not the same as selling to someone will see every day or know very well, as there are a lot of sites that scam people on that. On some sites, you might send your card to them hoping for exchange, but you won’t get anything in return. Instead of being scammed, you should do your best to find trustworthy sites. You can ask around from people you know that use the sites for selling gift cards. Make sure to do your research well before selling on the sites.


  • Check the website address and content very well.

This looks rather funny, but it is very essential, as there are some sites that have similar addresses to the most used ones, which aim to lure people to use them, so they can be scammed. When you land on the website you’re supposed to use, make sure to check the privacy policy to see if it is easy to use. Check the means of payment to see whether they will direct you elsewhere, and also, make sure you understand how the site works.


  • Research the reputation of the site.

When you’re dealing with websites that you can sell gift cards on, it has been found that business sites, other than individual sites, are the best for such. But you still have to take time to do extra research yourself, to be extra careful.

You can check the feedback from people that have previously used the sites, to see if they are dependable. You can also check social networking sites to see the comments people have made on the site. Also, guarantee from the site is also a very good thing to note before dealing on them, in order to be on a safer side.


  • Compare the prices on different sites.

Just like buying other items, selling gift cards also involves checking for prices. As there are different prices on different sites, so it is essential to check what other sites offer, this way, you will be able to see the deal that pays most, and you can go for that. But you have to be careful when doing this as well, because there are some sites that claim to offer good deals, whereas, they don’t have good reputation, so it’s very essential to pick reputable sites for comparison.


  • Check the method of payment.

When you finally get to pay for the gift cards, you should check the procedure for payment on the site. Some sites offer gift cards as payment method, so you might find a gift card you actually need among the offers. Also, some sites only offer payment to shop at their stores or websites, so you should be careful and check the most convenient payment method for you, before proceeding.

It is also essential to keep all receipts till you’re done with the transactions, to be on a safer side.


As we have seen the steps to take while selling your gift cards, now, I’ll give the most trusted site for selling gift cards.


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