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Afrbtc is a website where you can trade gift card and bitcoin. It is built by the big player team from China. They buy only iTunes gift card and Amazon gift card with cash receipt and they pay only in bitcoin and naira.

Of all the best four websites to sell iTunes gift card, afrbtc gives the lowest rates.

Currently, you can sell $100 itunes card on Afrbtc for as low as 19,000 naira meanwhile you can sell it for as high as 26,000 on other websites.


How To Trade iTunes Gift Card On Afrbtc

  1. You will need afrbtc invitation code to register an account on afrbtc.
  2. Once account registered then you can log in
  3. After login click on iTunes card trade or Amazon gift card if you want to sell Amazon cash receipt
  4. Upload card (adn receipt). Your card must have face value and must be clear else it will be rejected.
  5. Then submit trade
  6. You have to wait for hours for verification because afrbtc trade is slow, if you want a faster trade, sell to paxtradings like just contact them on whatsapp.


That’s all on how to sell iTunes gift card on afrbtc.

Also see how to withdraw on afrbtc.

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