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Investing In ICOs – The Ultimate Advice

PAX Trading > Altcoins > Investing In ICOs – The Ultimate Advice

When looking out for ICO’s to invest in, it might be more like a daunting task.

Below are some guides to help you…

6 Things To Take Note When Investing in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)

1. The uniqueness of the blockchain like that of BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LTC and Electroneum.

2. If the chain isn’t unique.. look of the business idea the coin is providing and how viable it is.

3. The total available coin and the coin in circulation. (this will best guide you on how long you will wait before a satisfactory growth).

4. Its market cap.. (after an ICO if a coin’s market cap is still lower than $100,000, I will personally not advice you to go for such). They might be some hungry geeks looking for money.

5. The volume traded and price history. (You may study its futuristic forcast. But don’t always build on that).

6. Keep calm. I will emphasize on this. After purchase, keep calm. Do not be bothered if the price goes lower. it will surely rise back.

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A while ago while I was still a naive trader, I purchased 1BTC at $4800. When it got to $4950, it crashed all the way to $2990 I was sobber. heartbeat trippled (I risked more than I could afford). I had to sell to minimise loss. Unfortunately, it rose to $3800 the same day I sold and today it’s $17000. So lets just be relaxed with our investments while we look into the future of cryptocurrencies

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