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Become Paxful Vendor

First Off, Who Is A PAXFUL Vendor?

PAXFUL Vendors are those merchants that you take your gift cards to on PAXFUL. They do whatever it is with the gift cards and in turn, pay you in Bitcoins. All they do is open their trade offers and sit back to enjoy the surge in PAXFUL traffic. They make extremely unbelievable profits for every card traded and all they do is just sit back and enjoy the readily made traffic of gift card traders.

Need to mention, a random survey of Paxful vendors showed that they make an average of $700 for every 5hours spent online. No bluff! They are just the limited individuals that have been lucky enough to to get their eyes opened to this great opportunity. How great does that sound?

Below Is The Screenshot Of A List Of iTunes Gift Card Vendors:

paxful vendors

Some Little Information About Trading iTunes Gift Cards

When you have iTunes gift cards, chances are high that you just take them to merchants to redeem and pay you. You have no idea what they do with the cards. But for a rich mindset, you should be bothered!

What do they really do with these cards? How do they turn it into something useful? What do they gain?

If you are on this page, you are lucky as you are about to get revealed to you, one of the very much information that might change your life forever.

According to Finance Yahoo, iTunes Gift Cards are flourishing. Over $800Billion worth of iTunes Gift Cards was purchased in 2016, needless to say, 2017 was more profitable.

Now, how do you take advantage of this gold rush and have your own bite of the big cake?

Here is the breakdown, instead of you taking your iTunes gift cards blindly to vendors, or wondering day and night about what they really do with these cards, you will learn: What to do with iTunes Gift Cards, how to make massive real-time profit from this business and how to leverage this knowledge to become a PAXFUL vendor and make thousands of dollars daily.

Hold Up! See The Calculations Below…

Imagine buying a $100 card for 68$ and in turn selling it for 94$. That’s $24 made in just a couple of minutes of trading. You’ll get an average of 10 successful trades for every one hour spent online, that’s $240 made in an hour. Now imagine trading for 5hours a day, that’s a gross profit of $1200.

For real, no exaggeration here, it might sound too good to be true but it is. You are only blind to the idea and the information is deep below the ground, beyond your reach. but fortunately for you, we have brought it to the surface for just a few individuals.

Below are some random success stories from iTunes Gift Cards vendors on PAXFUL.

What We Will Teach You

We will teach you the A-Z of How To Become an iTunes Gift Cards VENDOR on PAXFUL and instead of you taking cards there for them to load for you, others bring the cards to you and you load directly, scrap that middleman!

In 2017, a lot of people went into this business through us and we recorded 100% success rate. In actual sense, they all became millionaires in less than a month.

This is one of the best legit means of making good income online if you are smart enough to see opportunity where it lies.

Listed Below Are Some Keynotes You Need To Read:

  • First off, you will learn the basics of iTunes Gift Cards (For Beginners). What are iTunes Gift Cards? Where and how do people get iTunes Gift Cards? Types of iTunes Gift Cards? How to identify various iTunes Gift Card types? These and more basic knowledge are what you’ll get started with.

  • You will learn the basics of being a PAXFUL Vendor. As we’ll be using Paxful as a case study. Mind you, you don’t necessarily have to be trading on Paxful. If you can get iTunes Gift Cards elsewhere and you are good with that, it’s great. However, Paxful already has a readily made traffic that will SURELY bring you cards on there. It doesn’t matter if you are a new seller, you will get cards and make your money fast.

  • Most importantly, you’ll be provided with the full knowledge and required tools that you can use to load any type of iTunes Gift Card yourself. This covers any country, any denomination and any face value.

  • You’ll be added to our Whatsapp and Telegram group where you get to meet and rub minds with other vendors from various countries.

  • You will be able to leverage this knowledge into loading other cards like amazon gift cards, walmart gift cards e.t.c But we are only using iTunes gift cards as a case study because that is obviously the major trend and the most popular type of card in recent time.

  • We will teach you how to avoid the rookie errors you’ll most likely encounter in the early days.

  • And loads of other interesting knowledge we would love to keep exclusive for now.


Now… What Are The Requirements?

Below are some of the requirements needed on your own part to be successful in this great business.

  • A mobile device or PC. PC is preferable but you can still make use of a mobile device. Advisably, PC is better.

  • A stable internet connection.

  • PAXFUL Vendor Account – If you already have a buyer account, we’ll teach you how to make that become a vendor account. If you have no account yet, you’ll learn how to create one from scratch. Advisably, starting off with a brand new account is better.

  • An iTunes account – This is very simple to create, you’ll learn it as part of the basic introduction.

  • Other requirements in terms of needed tools will be provided for you…


Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers

Below are the terms and conditions attached to this training, kindly read thoroughly.

  • First off, knowledge is not cheap, not even this kind of rare advantage. We have made the pricing as high as possible to limit interests. We don’t want this business flooded. Only those who can take the financial pain will get on the success horse.

  • By going with this billion-dollar guide, you agree that you will not teach or introduce anyone to this business. If caught in the act, we reserve the right to withdraw all tools given to you and kick you out of the team without prior notice.

  • There’s a lot of millions to be made, yes. But it depends on your hard work. This is a very simple model to make good money from, but it’s still based on the fact that the more you work, the more you make.

  • By being a part of our Whatsapp and Telegram group, you are charged a fee of $150 monthly to remain in the group. The first month is free. However, this doesn’t change your grounds or affect you in any way as an iTunes gift cards loader. The group only helps you keep updated about latest developments and give you connects to other vendors.


Pricing Options

Select any of the options below. You’ll get instant access to the package once payment is made. And we contact you via WHATSAPP in few hours.


$400One-Time Fee
  • Full A-Z Guide
  • Well Explained Video Tutorials
  • All Standard Tools
  • No Account Setup


$700One-Time Fee
  • Full A-Z Guide
  • Well Explained Video Tutorials
  • All Premium Tools
  • Full-Blown PAXFUL Vendor Account Setup
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