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Latest ICO – Qlink Review

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ICO QLINK Quick Facts

  • Tokenizing the telecom industry by creating the first decentralized mobile network
  • ICO sold out; visit website for more info
  • 224,000,000 / 600,000,000 tokens sold across pre-ICO and ICO
  • Decentralized WiFi, SMS, and billing on the platform
  • Users get rewards for sharing unused network assets

What is Qlink?

Qlink aims to build the world’s first decentralized mobile network, which will extend network coverage, reduce the cost of telecom infrastructures, and reward users for sharing unused network assets. By utilizing blockchain technology, Qlink applies digital identities to telecom assets, repackages those assets, and records the usage footprint of each asset to a distributed ledger. Additionally, Qlink aims to launch applications designed to allow peer-to-peer sharing of assets, including WiFi, mobile data access, and enterprise-to-peer SMS. While improving the efficiency of existing networks, Qlink plans to launch its custom base station, including a model suitable for vehicle installation. By utilizing the ideal resources of the network equipment, these base stations will allow users to become part of the crypto economy, and at the same time, create a decentralized solution to cover network black spots. Qlink and Cenntro Auto Group signed agreement to cooperate in IoV development and base station deployment.

— Toya Zhang, Head of Marketing and PR


Pre-ICO Information

There was a Pre-ICO that began on November 28, 2017 and ended before its close date of December 7, 2017. The pre-ICO sold out, selling 184,000,000 tokens and, raising 350,000 NEO (approximately $22,000,000 on 12/26/17) across both a “Strategic Investor” and pre-ICO stage. There was a token bonus of 30% during the strategic investor round and a 10% bonus during the pre-ICO round.

95% of funds raised were NEO due to the favorable rate of 1 Ether : 10 NEO that was pegged by the Qlink team. There was minimum of 100 Ether per investor and a cap of 2,000 Ether per investor. There is a one month lockup period for the strategic investor period and no lockup for the pre-ICO period.

ICO Information

The ICO round began on December 22, 2017 and reached it’s hard cap of 10,000 NEO (approximately $620,000) with a pegged conversion rate of 1 NEO : 520 QLC tokens. There were a total of 40,000,000 QLC tokens available for purchase during the ICO.

Token Distribution Information

QLink tokens are tokens built on the NEO blockchain under the NEO NEP-5 protocol. There were a total of 600,000,000 Qlink tokens (QLC) being created with 224,000,000 available across both rounds of the pre-ICO and ICO. Any unsold tokens will be redistributed to token sale investors. Tokens purchased during the pre-ICO and ICO are currently being distributed to contributors.

The allocation of tokens is as follows:

40% (240,000,000): Launch participants (224,000,000), community bonding, token sale related marketing and bounty campaigns (16,000,000).

20% (120,000,000): Qlink development team and advisors (tokens to team and advisors are released over to a 3-year vesting period).

40% (240,000,000): Held as a provision for partnerships, marketing, strategic initiatives, and future QLC expenses.

Roadmap Of Qlink ICO


Allen Lee | Chief Architect | LinkedIn
Allen is a former Huawei software engineer and multiple patent owner. He successfully commercialized the Virtual SIM product and billing system in his previous start-up which supported four million paid users across Asia. He led the team to close multiple rounds of investments from Pine Venture Capital, Alibaba Venture Capital Fund, pre-angel and other investors for a total sum of $30,000,000.
Owen Wang | Core Developer | LinkedIn
Owen has 10+ years of experience as an internet industry software engineer with diverse experience in areas including SaaS systems, gaming systems, BOSS solutions and blockchain technology. Before his time at Qlink he served as a technical manager for nearly 9 years at two different companies in China.
Chris Zhao | Core Developer | LinkedIn
Chris is a senior 3GPP protocol software engineer and multiple patent ower. He successfully designed, coded and implemented a global virtual SIM system from ground zero. Before his time at Qlink he had nearly seven years of experience as a software engineer.
Susan Zhou | Co-founder and COO | LinkedIn
Susan is a former partner of Rhodium Capital and has over 10 years experience in investment banking across Asia. She is in charge of Qlink’s overall operation, and graduated from the University of Hong Kong with her MBA.
Toya Zhang | Head of Marketing and PR | LinkedIn
Toya is the former senior PR manager of OKCoin, OKLink and was an early participant in the cryptocurrency industry.

For a full list of team members please visit the Qlink website.

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