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PAX Trading > Gift Cards > How To Load/Redeem iTunes Gift Cards On iTunes ID For App Store

Below are the very simple steps to take when you want to load lod iTunes gift cards on Apple ID for App Store.

The major reason why we put up this post is because at times, clients send us used cards to load for them and when we check and tell them their cards are used, they argue with us. So in order to avoid this, we offer them iTunes ID login to check and redeem the cards themselves. So we just check the balance and pay them.

What Are The Requirements?

Only iPhone Device or PC – If you have iPhone then the “App Store” which is needed will be on your device already. If you want to use PC, then you need to download the ITunes desktop software here.

We’ll be using iPhone as a case study. Below are the steps.


How To Redeem iTunes Gift Cards On iPhone – Step By Step Guide

1. Locate the “App Store” application on your iPhone.

2. Open the “App Store” and click the “User Icon” at the top right side of the homepage.

That screenshot is the latest iOS version. If you are using an old version it won’t look like that. You have to scroll down to see the ID.

3. If you are already signed in, you have to sign out and then sign in with the ID login (email and password) that’ll be provided for you.

4. Once you are signed it. Click on “Redeem Gift Card or Code”.

5. You’ll be prompted to enter the password again. Subsequently, you can enter the iTunes gift card code or scan the physical card to Redeem it.

Once redemption is successful, the amount on the card will be added to your iTunes balance.

If the card was already used, you will get a prompt message stating that “the card has already been redeemed”.

And that’s all. If you have more cards, you repeat the process to load them one after the other.

On average, it doesn’t take more than 2minutes to Redeem.



1. Do not load single big codes. That is, do not load single cards higher than $100. You can load $100, $50, $25, $10 etc single cards multiple times, no issue. But do not load any single card that’s higher than $100 E.G $200 Cards. Such card will disable the ID.

2. Do not load ecodes on ID. Even though you can do this but it’s not advisable because some ecodes are not trusted.

That’s all.

So if you need to Redeem your iTunes gift cards without trust issues and get paid instantly, check here for more details or contact us on whatsapp at +6283141553228.

We pay in Naira, Mobile Money, BTC and RMB.



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