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How to Make Money with Paxful Affiliate Program

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Paxful is a leading peer to peer Bitcoin marketplace with a lot of innovative aspects, especially in Nigeria, USA and China. One of these aspects is their affiliate program. This Paxful affiliate program is designed to target mainstream Bitcoin buyers and at the same give their customers who own websites, blogs or other online platforms a chance to make money.


How Does the Paxful Affiliate Program Work?

The Paxful affiliate program is designed for website owners to incorporate into their websites in the form of an optimized window. Then they drive Bitcoin traffic to the paxful website i.e they convince people in whichever way they know to buy bitcoins on paxful through the window on their website. They do not necessarily have launch a campaign to drive traffic to their link though. Placing the widget on their website might just be enough as long as there is constant traffic on the website. This way, they earn passive income as people buy bitcoins through their affiliate link and they get paid in bitcoins.

To get started as a Paxful affiliate, create a paxful account. Log in to your account and go to the Affiliate Page. Click on become an affiliate. Once you join, you can see your earnings and info.on the affiliate dashboard. Return to the affiliate page, get your link, customise it and start sharing on your website, social media and other online platforms. And then you can sit back and watch the money roll in.

As a paxful affiliate, you receive 2% of every purchase made through your affiliate link as commission. This payment is taken from the buyer, while paxful takes 1% of the transaction amount from the seller. If you get a steady stream of Bitcoin enthusiasts on your websites buying big, then you would be making good money. Your commissions are sent directly to your paxful wallet and you move them out anytime you want.

Exciting, right? So what are you waiting for? Log on to paxful.com today and become part of the paxful affiliate. 

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