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All you need to know about Carding 2018

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All you need to know about Carding 2018

Here is the first thing to note before reading any further, this article is for educational purposes only. That said, let’s get right into it. The first question to ask is kinda obvious.

What is Carding?

In the most straightforward words, Carding is the act of obtaining another individual’s credit card information from the CVV, CVV2, CC#, and CVN. You’ll also obtain the billing address, expiry date, the name of the card owner and a signature. Now that you have a general idea let’s delve a little deeper.

What is Online Carding?

Online Carding simply means you are using the CVV2 to purchase goods over the internet. If you are a noob, you are wondering what CVV2 is. Relax; it’s just a fancy word for the database of vital info for the card. This information includes;

  • The Card types
  • First and last name
  • Address and postcode
  • Phone number
  • Expiry date (start date for a debit card or prepaid CC)
  • The CC number
  • The Card Verification Code (CVC)

SOCKS; What It Is and Why We Use It

It is necessary to take precautions in any fraud situation to protect yourself from getting caught. While TOR may seem like a good option for carding, most of its nodes are blacklisted by websites. In addition to this, it cycles through numerous proxies. Even if you manage to configure it through the exit node of your choice, it’s just not worth the effort.

Instead, consider using JAP. Just use some constant sock proxies from where the card is from. It could be from the same city, town or area. Also, don’t forget to go wardriving and use a VPN. Check here to get a suitable socket; you’ll find people selling accounts for the site on IRC.

To answer the question of why we use SOCKS, it’s because It remains constant. However, it is essential that you refresh your proxies every time you card. Do not let your guard down.

How to Find a Cardable Site

Finding a cardable site lies in your ability to recognize it. You need to know what to look out for to determine which site is cardable. Some of the characteristics of a cardable site are outlined below.

  • They send to any address not just the one on the card
  • They have no Visa verification code or MasterCard secure code
  • They ship internationally

Some websites could require some form of verification using a utility bill, or a scan of the actual CC. Photoshop and COBs come in handy when experiencing this problem.

How to Card on the Job – Best Carding Tutorial

Getting CC, CVV, and CVV2 is not as difficult as you think. People are always flashing and dropping their cards around freely without a care in the world. You’ll find people like this in brand label clothing stores and other trendy stores. It makes it easier for anyone who works in a clothing store to card.

Tape a camera underneath the desk and set it on record. After that, all you need to do is show both sides of the card to the camera. However, the camera needs to be at least two megapixels, and adequate lighting must be provided.

Find a good excuse to go under the desk while holding the card. You could leave the chip and pin machine under the desk to pick it up.

Skim on the Job

For this part, you’ll need to purchase a mini portable MSR500M reader and MSR206 writer. You can fit the MSR500M reader either on your waistline belt or under the desk if you are the cashier. The MSR206 writer is useful if you intend to later write the tracks on an embossed CR-80 plastic.

Whether you intend to sell the dumps on IRC or write on plastic, you still need to get the pin. A sneak peek as people input their pins could work. However, it works better for waiters that have to stand above their sitting customers.

Use the MSR500M in the front pocket of your uniform to get the info you need. Another method is to have a trusted friend shoulder surf for it.

Another method to get the info that you need is through trashing. As the name implies, it involves going through people’s trash. As crude, as it may sound, some folks dump financial information which includes SSN’s/NI, their full name, and address, bank, credit card number, CVV, CVV2, etc. in the trash.

All you have to do is pick up the trash dressed as a janitor.

Carding over the Phone

All you have to do is a request for the person’s credit card details over the phone. Yes, some people still fall for this obvious scam. The method is more useful if you pretend to be from;

  • The credit card company
  • Credit fraud investigation of FBI or the Police
  • Their bank

Call during the time of day that they are most busy at work. That way, they’ll want to get it sorted quickly and got back to work. Remember to be polite.

Keylogging for CVV2s

Collect CVVs by inserting a hardware keylogger in keyboards in computers used by a lot of people. You may be lucky enough to get someone making an online purchase. Get the keyloggers here.

Collect the keylogger within two days of setting it up.

How to Use the Information Collected

You can decide to write the dumps and track 1+2 of the skimmed credit card on a CR-80 piece of plastic. Maybe you want to cash out at the ATM or purchase goods in the store. Just make sure you have the pin.

You are going to need a mag-stripe utility software, consider using the jerm software. Just follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Load up the jerm software
  2. Open the settings tab
  3. Click on “Defaults” in Leading Zeros box
  4. Click “75 bpi” in Set Track 2 density box
  5. go back to actions
  6. Click LoCo or HiCo in Coercivity box, depending on which you want to do
  7. Input your tracks 1 & 2 (without the %; or? symbols because the program already does it for you)
  8. Click Write Card and swipe your card.
  9. Start shopping

On a Final Note

Remember to cover your tracks and take extra precautions. When carding on the phone, do not call from your own home. Instead, use a payphone. Consider using the resources available on IRC. It’s a type of black market for scammers where you can purchase;

  • CVV
  • SSNs
  • CVV2s
  • CC scans
  • Utility bill scans
  • COB (a service to get someone to call up the victim’s bank and get the billing address changed to your drop)

Let the shopping begin!!!

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