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New ICO – Graft Review

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Graft ICO Quick Facts

  • Cryptocurrency payment processing
  • ICO: January 18, 2018
  • GRF token = $0.25
  • Zero Fee Transactions
  • Real time payment authorization, even with 2-minute block times

What is Graft?

GRAFT was born out of the desire to make cryptocurrency work at the point of sale as well as traditional methods of payment like cash or credit cards. Today, the procedure of accepting cryptocurrency at point of sale is quite cumbersome, involving setting up separate terminals, long transaction times, unpredictable and high fees, user paying the fee instead of a merchant, privacy issues, and a host of other issues. Coming out of the payment space, and having literally written a book on Point of Sale technology, as well as cryptocurrency, we had a very clear idea of how things work today and how they could work, should cryptocurrency be combined with traditional point of sale terminals. Our overarching goal is to unleash the pent up potential residing in cryptocurrency (almost $600 billion at the time of this writing) to further stimulate the economy, small business, and provide people with better experiences.

— The Graft Team

ICO Information
The Graft ICO begins on January 18, 2018. There is currently a registration that can be completed in order to be whitelisted for the ICO. The registration requires contributors to complete some minor KYC/AML processes.

The price per Graft token (GRF) is $0.25 and there is a hard cap of $10,000,000 during the ICO. The price has been adjusted up from $0.11 based on increases in the overall cryptocurrency market. There is a minimum purchase amount of 5,000 GRF. There is a bonus of 10% during the first 48 hours of the ICO.

For further information on how Graft priced their token, please read this document.

Token Distribution Information
There are a total of 1,844,674,400 Graft tokens being created, with 55% of them allocated towards mining. The allocation of tokens is as follows:

Main emission through mining: 55%|
Reserves: 27%
Founders and tokens: 8%
Public token sale: 5%
Go-to-market promotion: 4%
Presale: 1%

Use of ICO Proceeds
40%: Marketing and business development
30%: Engineering
30%: General administrative costs and amortization


Slava Gomzin | Founder | LinkedIn
Slava is an author in the cryptocurrency space and has been working in payment processing and security across multiple businesses. He is currently the VP of Information Security and Technology at Pieces Technologies, a start-up in the Dallas, Texas area. He was a security and payments technologist at HP and spent almost a decade working for Retalix, a retail focused IT company.
Dan Itkis MsETM-MBA, CISSP | Co-founder | LinkedIn
Before Graft, Dan co-founded and ran Biomio, a frictionless authentication solution based out of Portland, Oregon. He was a solution architect, team lead and product manager at Cisco and has worked in c-level or director positions prior to his time at Graft. He has his master’s degree in engineering and technology management, as well as his MBA from Portland State University.
Brad Gleeson | Business Development Director and Advisor | LinkedIn
Brad is the managing partner for TargetPath LLC, an independent consulting firm specializing in digital signage and out-of-home media for various industries. In addition to his advisory role at Graft, he will be the business development director, where he can leverage his various experience as a COO, vice president and CEO.
In addition to her role as CMO of Graft, Kate is also the managing partner and CEO at 42 Digital Marketing. She has held various c-level roles including CBDO, CEO and new business director. She also has her master’s degree in applied mathematics from the National Technical University of Ukraine.


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