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New Scams That Target People Trading Giftcards Online

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A devastating and dangerous scam trend currently moving around the internet nowadays is the use of gift card exchanges and auction websites to steal money from unsuspecting individuals. These scams come in different forms and you should be well informed so as to avoid them all. In one form, the scammers pay you for a card or the code on the card, and after you’ve sent it, they dispute and cancel the charge but they’ve already used the gift card. In another form, they ask you to buy a bunch of gift cards and send them in exchange for an item on an auction site, but they never send you the supposed item you purchased. Here are a few precautions to take to avoid these scams:

  • Always check gift card balances before and after purchasing a card
  • Don’t ever give out the PIN of a card until the ¬†transaction is complete( if you are selling a card)
  • Always check the reviews of any website you are using
  • Be extremely careful in auction sites that sell bitcoin at a discount or in bulk. They are mostly scams.

And try as much as possible to avoid social media postings offering gift cards. Its one of the surest ways scammers use to perpetrate gift card scams.

Stay safe

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