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PAX Trading > Altcoins > WHY ONE COIN IS A SCAM


The standard component of online scam is digital currency. People are hell bent to unregulated and unauthorised digital currencies which is a focal point interest people looking to make huge money. One coin claims to make it possible for anybody willing to access and understand the industry of virtual cash and make a profit through the online trading academy. They offer productive and profitable opportunities along with an extensive bonus program adjourn to the standardisation of lifestyle. The Once coin as a unique online trading academy often their traders a one time opportunity to make a profit by holding the two of the hottest and most innovative products in the emerging crypto-currency market. One coin and Aurum Gold coins are single hybrid currency backed up by solid and real gold.

Joining the One coin concept, the participant not only gets online training on how to make a profit from crypto-currency but get an advantage of revenue generating program provided that all the tools needed to succeed are granted.


One coin is more than cryptocurrency. For the successful and uniqueness it, the creator have created a whole concept and cosmos for making a market leader in the crypto world. They offer core financial academy on cryptocurrency in the one college, online exchange and they partner with one of the newest and hottest hybrid cryptocurrencies which are the Aurum Coin. One coin is using the latest cryptographic technology and security standard which has a high marketing concept.

The algorithm of One coin is unknown and it blockchain is private. The company does not worth placing money on it or trusts it.


One coin as a cryptocurrency has stepped in their product or on one academy training. On their product:

ROOKIE PRICE: This rookie is a free package which includes information on One coin, their eBook: Think and Grow Rich and a newsletter regarding the development of One coin.

Starter     –    1 Split

Price        –    100 Euro

Tokens    –    1000

The starter stage is the first level of the One Academy Online Education Program. It is an introduction to one coin program.


Financial Introductory and trading and also provide online reading materials, quizzes, video presentations and starting certificate to start the one exchange for the student.

The second stage is the trader package which includes both level 1 and level 2 of the one academy online education program. The packaging for people who are willing to start learning about trading with full assets classes.

Pro Trader    –    1 Split

Price:        –    100 Euro

Tokens:    –    1000

The next stage in the hierarchy is the Pro Trader Package which includes Level 1 to Level 3 of the one academy online education program. One this course completed, the student will achieve intermediate trading skills that will help to be making a profit from mining and trading one coins.

Executive Trader    –    1 Split

Price:            –    300 Euro

Tokens:        –    3000

The premium trader package is the ultimate product package for the participants in mining and cryptocurrency. It is level 6 of the one academy online education program.

Festival         –    2 Split

Price:            –    18,800 Euro

Tokens:        –    250,000

The above product stated above is the instruction on how to make money in this scam. Money pay by the new recruiter or member will be used to pay those in the system participating in this Ponzi scheme.


10% bonus based on the Business Volume (BV) will be received on all personally generated direct sales bonus.

10% of the business volume accumulate on the participant’s weaker side will be paid as Network Bonus. 40% of the payments will be the mandatory participant account while 60% of the amount will go to the cash account.



There is no refund once the participant has logged into his/her account

The purchased package can only be a refund of the participant have not logged in for 14 days.

Ability to withdraw from the contract if only the account is logged out.



Apparently, One Coin is a Ponzi scheme linked with Mastaba recruiting logic camouflage as a new digital currency. This One Coin use autobiography of BitCoin to satiated people with their scam. The payment which individually receives as a profit is the payment of others who are making fees to get their profit. Move away from One coin. It is a scam.


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