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Paxtradings Crypto Minute: April 24, 2018

PAX Trading > Crypto Minute > Paxtradings Crypto Minute: April 24, 2018

Major Exchange Bitfinex Announces Candidacy As EOS Block Producer

According to a blog post by the exchange, Bitfinex has announced their candidacy as an EOS Block Producer. EOS is currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap and plans to fully launch their platform in June. In the blog post Bitfinex stated, “…Our focus has been on identifying and advancing the capabilities of protocol-level technologies that meet the demands of a high-volume blockchain-based trading platform, both legal and technical, and we believe we can contribute significant value to the EOSIO community through sharing this.”

California Introduces New “Blockchain Bill”

Originally seen on ccn.com, a California Senator’s Blockchain related bill has advanced to the state legislature. The bill would make it possible for Blockchain technology to be present in a corporation’s formal documentation (i.e. Articles of Incorporation). The bill is mainly designed to allow for the Blockchain-based issuance and transfer of corporate share certificates. The bill (SB838) will head to the Senate Judiciary Committee in May.

“Big Bitcoin Heist” Alleged Thief Caught In Amsterdam After Escaping Icelandic Prison

After escaping a less-than-secure Icelandic prison, Sindri Thor Stefansson, the alleged mastermind behind the “Big Bitcoin Heist”, has been found and jailed in Amsterdam. Stefansson is suspected to have stolen $2 million worth of Bitcoin mining equipment in Iceland, the country’s largest ever heist. After being asked about the escape, Stefansson said, “[He] feels shame for having escaped, but he was ‘angry’ for being held in a prison for more than two months allegedly without any evidence of having orchestrated the heist.” According to ccn.com, the mining equipment that was stolen sometime around December has not been recovered.

The Federal Reserve Bank Of St. Louis “Welcomes Anonymous Cryptocurrencies”

In a recent study, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has said that it welcomes anonymous cryptocurrencies, as reported by ccn.com. The study began as an attempt to classify Bitcoin as a commodity, cash, or digital cash. Their result found that it was none of the possible scenarios, because Bitcoin takes on traits of each category. The bank stated, “We believe that there is a strong case for central bank money in electronic form […] central bank electronic money satisfies the population’s need for virtual money without facing counter-party risk.”

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