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Paxtradings Crypto Minute: March 5, 2018

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Tutellus Switching to NEM Blockchain Platform from Ethereum

Tutellus announced it is switching to NEM’s platform from Ethereum’s. According to The Merkle, the Tutellus team acknowledged Ethereum is a powerful blockchain ecosystem. However, they cited concerns about transaction fees and the potential for centralization in Ethereum’s current state. Tutellus expressed optimism over NEM’s potential to conduct 1,000 transactions per second.

Chile’s Energy Grid to Include Blockchain Technology

According to the Digital Journal, the Comisión Nacional de Energía de Chile, which manages Chile’s energy grid, will implement blockchain technology. This implementation will enable the commission to “authenticate data such as peripheral costs, normal market costs, fuel costs, and consistency with the country’s sustainable power source law.” The new blockchain-based system will also help the commission improve data integrity.

Quebec Official Says Province Is Not Open to Cryptocurrency Mining Companies

A Quebec official recently signaled that Quebec is not welcoming cryptocurrency mining companies. At a conference in Montreal, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said, “If you want to come settle here, plug in your servers and do Bitcoin mining, we’re not really interested.” According to Sputnik News, the province would rather be home to more blockchain technology-based companies and startups.

Cyberattackers Hiding Ransom Notes for Monero Within DDOS Attacks More Frequently

Security researchers with from Akamai have noticed more ransom notes demanding Monero within distributed-denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks. According to Mashable, ransom notes within DDOS attacks sent via email often go unseen due to spam protections. Monero is one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies to cyberattackers because Monero ledgers hide the sender, recipient, and amount of each transaction.

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