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What is Cappasity?

Cappasity is developing the first decentralized content-oriented global 3D platform. The platform makes AR/VR/3D content generation and distribution easy, fast and accessible for both businesses and ordinary users…

— Kosta Popov

Paxtradings Quick Facts

  1. A decentralized marketplace for 3D designers in the AR & VR space.
  2. 0.000130 ETH = 1 CAPP token
  3. February 22, 2018 — March 22, 2018
  4. 400,000,000 CAPP available / 1,000,000,000 CAPP total supply (unsold tokens to be burned)
  5. VC funded platform already live with 95,000+ users

Q&A with Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO

Paxtradings: For those who are not familiar with Cappasity, can you explain what it is, and what the team aims to accomplish?

Cappasity: Cappasity is developing the first decentralized content-oriented global 3D platform. The platform makes AR/VR/3D content generation and distribution easy, fast, and accessible for both businesses and ordinary users as it provides participants with a convenient environment and all the necessary tools for fruitful interaction. The platform provides decentralized and trustless copyrights storage.

The 3D world is rapidly expanding. Today, AR/VR technologies are used not only in the gaming industry, but also in e-commerce, art, education, ​medicine, and many others. However, in many industries AR/VR mass creation and distribution is limited due to the lack of compelling content, which is caused by its labor-intensive and time-consuming production, high cost, and often disappointing quality. Cappasity addresses all these issues.

ICO Alert: How does the Cappasity (CAPP) Token function within the platform and why is it needed?

Cappasity: The Cappasity platform is powered by a token (CAPP) — a cryptocurrency that is used for content and services purchased via the ecosystem. CAPP is a utility token and fully ERC20 compliant.

ICO Alert: Cappasity already exists as a cloud-based platform for 3D content creators and buyers. What will moving this platform to the blockchain do to improve it?

Cappasity: We have decided to create the ecosystem based on blockchain since it helps us to solve multiple issues. The ecosystem participants need to be sure that their copyrights are protected. All content and its exchange details are immutably stored in the blockchain, which resembles a Bittorrent-like system. Each content file is assigned with an ID or a hash to prevent any copyright infringement. All hashes of all the files are listed in the blockchain and cannot be changed.

Once a content transaction is done, all its details will be processed according to a smart contract protocol and cannot be reversed retrospectively. For instance, the system won’t allow a malefactor to sell someone else’s file by claiming it as their own, or rent a file for free when the rental period has already come to an end. Therefore, when exchanging content, buyers and sellers are guaranteed that their copyrights are fully protected.

Thanks to the blockchain, when 3D content is being sold via the marketplace, it is sold at the seller’s price and the ecosystem participants are charged close to no fees. Blockchain technology also allows instant and transparent financial transactions all over the globe. The content owner receives payments for each transaction very quickly and without failure.

Overall, the blockchain helps us create a secure and convenient environment for 3D content production and mass distribution. Since high-quality and accessible content is the driving force behind the development of AR/VR technologies, we believe that the blockchain-based AR/VR Ecosystem will bring the AR/VR industry to a new level of its development.

Patradings: On your website, you claim Goldman Sachs expects the AR/VR software market to grow to $35 billion by 2025 with a majority of growth in the video game space. How do you see retail keeping pace?

Cappasity: 3D technologies are rooting into the e-commerce field and revolutionizing it more and more. First of all, their application is connected with the demonstration of products and the fashion industry.

AV/AR technologies open up far more opportunities. Imagine that you are buying a new sofa. The store provides you with a unique opportunity not just to look at photos of the products you are interested in in the catalog, but project 3D holograms of the products into your room and see how a particular sofa would fit into your home.

When buying clothes, you can project into your room a hologram of a dummy or a model in the clothes that are of particular interest to you. The dummy will be right in front of you, so you can go around it to see what the clothes look like.

The implementation of these technological solutions spares time and energy, helps customers make the right choice and makes shopping, to some extent, more entertaining and thrilling.

Devices that support AR/VR are actively increasing their market presence. Thanks to Apple, which is advancing the popularization of AR technology, we are waiting for it to become even more popular and accessible.

Paxtradings: Your roadmap shows that you’ve already released the first version of Cappasity’s mobile application. How has this technology been received by users, and how simple is it to use for non-technical 3D content creators?

Cappasity: We have already released the first version of the of Cappasity’s mobile application that is now available for iPhone and iPad users. We also plan to release a version of the application for Android users in Q2 2018. The application allows users to log into their accounts, watch previously created 3D views and 3D models and show them to others.

How do our users create the content? They use the Easy 3D Scan software for PC or Mac. However, the release of the mobile application for 3D Imaging will allow anyone to use the Cappasity platform! The application will be distributed for free, but additional functions can be purchased by using the CAPPs (Cappasity utility tokens).

Paxtradings: Can you explain more about the CAPP airdrop program?

Cappasity: We are rewarding our community by doing a token airdrop and offering a generous amount of bonus tokens to everyone who purchased (via an exchange or other means) and held CAPP tokens in 2018.

We are rewarding CAPP holders with a 7% to 25% bonus. Airdrop is divided into several months. It allows you to avoid the situation when tokens are released to the market simultaneously. Some participants will hold their tokens for 1 month, others — for 2 month etc. Tokens will fill the marked gradually. Therefore, there will be no risk of price drop. Our airdrop program will influence how tokens will enter the market. Thus, we will avoid price dumping.

More details on airdrop will be published in our blog: https://blog.artoken.io/we-are-giving-away-500-000-e35d6906f385

Paxtradings: A newly-formed private investment and advisory group called Decema announced on February 19th that they would be investing $2.5 million in Cappasity. How did your relationship with Decema start, and how to you plan to work with them moving forward?

Cappasity: Decema got in touch with us by themselves and said that were interested in supporting our project as they see a lot of potential in it. Our Decema partners help us to implement an effective marketing strategy and a powerful PR campaign. They are true professionals and and we highly appreciate their support.

Paxtradings: Your platform pays content creators between 85% and 95% based on a ranking system of the content they are making. Can you explain how this ranking system works, and what benefits it creates for the content creators and the community as a whole?

Cappasity: When a person places content on our platform, the community can vote for the content. Depending on how actively the community votes for the creator’s content and what scores he gets, the rating of that content creator is formed. Depending on the ranking, a content creator can get an additional percentage from content sale. Thus, we encourage users to create high-quality content. That way they can get paid more for content of a higher quality.

Paxtradings: How far along is the project today and when can contributors expect to use the platform? What does the roadmap look like for 2018?

Cappasity: Our platform is already operating. Our clients already use CAPP to pay for the opportunity to create 3D images and embed they into their websites. We have also been developing ecosystems around our platform and constantly adding new technical features. Thus, realization of the roadmap is taking place according to the plan. We are planning to add new technical features, such as adding mobile capturing function to the mobile app, releasing capturing SDK for developers, launching a marketplace, ARKit integration, 3D avatars, remeshing solution for AR/VR devices, remeshing solution for 3D printing, and Cappasity AI API. The latter will analyze the behavior of potential consumers and how they interact with the product.

Paxtradings: As a non-Vivid question, we like to ask for unique predictions for the ICO and cryptocurrency space in the future. Where do you see both in the next 3–5 years?

Cappasity: The ICO and cryptocurrency space has already become part and parcel of our world and will strengthen its positions. However, this sphere is likely to become more regulated. Projects that release utility tokens will dominate.

ICO Information

The main ICO began on February 22, 2018 and will end on March 22, 2018. There are a total of 400,000,000 Cappasity tokens (CAPP) available during the main ICO, representing 70% of the total CAPP supply. A hard cap of $20 million is set for this period.

0.000130 ETH = 1 CAPP token

Current accepted currencies for Cappasity include BTC and ETH.

Cappasity is an ERC20 token, so it’s important that contributors use ERC20 compatible wallets to send funds to the ICO smart contract, and to receive the Cappasity tokens.

Token Distribution Information

There are a total 1,000,000,000 CAPP tokens being created, with 400,000,000 available during the Pre and Main ICO (unsold tokens will be burned).

Contributors will have their tokens distributed shortly after the end of the ICO. Visit the Cappasity website for more information and the contribution address.

Bonus Token Distribution Dates

  • March 7 — April 7: +0.22% bonus / day of your total CAPP token holdings
  • April 8 — May 7: +0.20% bonus / day of your total CAPP token holdings
  • May 8 — June 7: +0.16% bonus / day of your total CAPP token holdings
  • June 8 — July 7: +0.13% bonus / day of your total CAPP token holdings
  • July 8 — August 7: +0.10% bonus / day of your total CAPP token holdings

How To Contribute

  1. Visit the Cappasity Token Sale Website.
  2. Click the Gold “Sign-Up” Button

3. Log-In or Sign-Up with Google Credentials or create a new account.

4. Complete KYC Compliance and receive your CAPP.

Token Distribution & Allocation



View the Cappasity website here.

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