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Paxtradings Report: Signals Network

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What is Signals Network?

Signals Platform is a place where anybody can create fully customizable trading robots with no advanced technical knowledge required.

— Pavel Nemec, CEO & Co-Founder

Paxtradings Quick Facts

  1. Discover and create algorithmic cryptocurrency trading strategies
  2. Pre ICO $0.25 = 1 SGN token / ICO $0.36 = 1 SGN token
  3. Pre ICO November 22, 2018 — December 9, 2017
    ICO March 12, 2018 — April 9, 2018
  4. 92,500,000 SGN total available / 185,000,000 SGN total supply
  5. Successfully reached hard cap during pre-ICO

Q&A with Pavel Nemec, CEO & Co-Founder

Paxtradings: For those who are not familiar with Signals Network, can you explain what it is and what the team aims to accomplish?

Nemec: Signals aims to disrupt the $400 billion crypto trading industry by lowering the barrier to creating algorithmic trading models. Unlike Quantopian, Signals is not only for Python developers, but also for traders without coding skills. This playground for crypto traders enables anybody to create their own algorithmic trading strategies in a special visual editor — the Signals Strategy Builder. When you create your strategy, you can then sell it to others for copy trading.

Paxtradings: How does Signals function within the platform and why is it needed?

Nemec: Signals’ unique concept of three marketplaces — the Data Marketplace, Indicators Marketplace, and Strategies Marketplace — enables data scientists and developers community to build their own indicators in a Python-like language, upon datasets ranging from order books to data for sentiment analysis, and to exploit computational power and machine learning tools of the Signals platform. All this is to create building blocks that can be used as graphical components by crypto traders in the Signals Visual Editor when they compose their own automated strategies. Developers are provided with the necessary computational infrastructure and development toolset, and traders are shielded from the implementation part and can focus fully on the logic of the strategies.

Paxtradings: Signals Network relies upon what you call “machine learning.” How will this help investors make better informed decisions?

Nemec: When algorithmic traders program their strategies, they usually choose some combination of indicators which they want to use for their trading models. When they select them, there are still many variables that they have to set up manually. Usually, they set it based on their own experience with market behavior or patterns that they read about in text books and articles. Humans are very good at finding simple linear relationships between variables, while machines are able to discover complex non-linear patterns in vast amounts of data. Setting indicators manually without using modern computational techniques based on vast amount of historical data can lead to suboptimal strategies in terms of profit. We want to shield traders from that and offer them proper analytics and advanced optimization methods that go far beyond classical back testing during the process of correctly setting up their trading models.

At Signals, we will not only support automated optimization of models that have been created by traders. One of the state-of-the-art features that we want to offer to crypto traders is the usage of technical indicators as an input for a neural network. This method basically creates your model based on indicators that you choose. It is a very powerful combination of well-known patterns from technical analyses and the abilities of machine learning to find non-linear relationships between them.

Up to this point, I’ve described advanced methods which should support traders in setting up the right combination of indicators from a technical analysis. However, indicators themselves could be based on machine learning and Signals will support this. The most popular of these algorithms is LSTM. This type of neural network performs really well on time series problems — that’s why it’s so popular in the data science community for its application in trading. A special category of indicators based on machine learning techniques are those using natural language processing for analyzing the sentiment of data from social networks and other media. As you can imagine, the sentiment of the crypto community is also extremely important in price perdition, and we want to support traders in creating models that take advantage from this.

Summing things up, Signals wants to make the aforementioned algorithms accessible in a user-friendly way and to shield traders from implementation details.

Paxtradings: There is a social element to your platform; users can share their trading robots to help other investors. How does this system benefit investors? Can third parties take advantage of this?

Nemec: Yes, the social element to the Signals platform is an important one. In addition the fact that you can create your own trading bot with ease, you can then sell it to others for copy trading. Regarding third parties, we have already received many requests from individuals or small teams of data scientists that would like to connect their trading algorithms to our Strategies Marketplace. We definitely support this and in our Alpha of the Strategies Marketplace, we have already integrated one third party strategy. The long term vision of the Strategies Marketplace is to become the IMDB of trading bots. We want to allow third parties to reach our audience; we will measure the profit of their strategy based on its buy/sell signals and other important metrics to provide our users with necessary information so they can make informed decisions on whether or not they want to copytrade them.

It is also worth mentioning that copytrading is by no means the only social element available within the platform. Signals is designed to create an ecosystem in which data scientists and developers can cooperate with the cryptotrading community. Traders can focus on creating profitable strategies and developers can provide them with building blocks for doing so. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. In addition to that, we are preparing “Stackoverflow” like the Signals forum, where users can share their ideas about algorithmic trading and help each other. To support the Signals community, we are dedicating 20% of all SGNs to reward developers who will add useful indicators into the Indicators Marketplace, traders who will make profitable strategies in the Strategies Marketplace and active users who will help others in the Signals forum.

Paxtradings: Investment, generally, involves a significant amount of information and risk-analysis to be profitable. How does Signals Network inform users of investment possibilities? Can “machine learning” make the need for information obsolete?

Nemec: We will provide users with a Signals mobile app, in which they will be able to view analytics about their strategy portfolios. For users who don’t want to do live trading and want just keep up with the latest news about currencies in which they are interested, we have a special type of trading bot — notification strategies. When you create your strategy using the Signals visual builder, it’s up to you if you want to connect it directly to your crypto exchange account or if you want to receive notifications into the mobile app. This is especially powerful not only for strategies based on media monitoring and sentiment analysis, but also for strategies based on blockchain monitoring or data from prediction markets. When something happens with a token that you want to follow, with SGN tokens, you should never miss the opportunity.

PaxtradingsOne of the hallmarks of your service is usability despite the technology involved; you claim that no programming experience is required. How does accessibility help investors, and how will it draw users to your platform?

Nemec: I think there is a huge value in lowering the barrier to the creation of algorithmic trading models even for non-coders. The future of the trading industry is in automation, and traders without access to this toolset will be at a disadvantage. I think that many traders already know that using technology is simply more profitable than manual trading. They simply don’t have tools which would make even advanced algorithms accessible to them, and we want to change that.

Paxtradings: There is a lot of complex technology used in your service, some of which may require partnering with other blockchain-based companies. Do you plan to partner with any, and, if so, how do they benefit Signals Network?

NemecWe are building this complex platform and would like to be clear in that we’re not building everything from scratch — instead, we’ve already secured various partnerships with other successful blockchain solutions, providers of necessary infrastructure, data providers, and machine learning development teams. To find out more, you can read about our partnerships with blockchain cloud computer iExec (https://goo.gl/x2XjuQ) and blockchain prediction market STOX (https://goo.gl/EsZUBB). What’s more, to store and preprocess big data in a reasonable time, we closed a partnership with Foxconn’s data center SafeDX (https://goo.gl/6gznCX), which provides us with the infrastructure necessary for building the best trading platform on the market.

Paxtradings: Many crypto-investment companies have arisen or are currently being developed. How is your company different? What is unique to your business?

Nemec: You are entirely correct regarding the crowded space among bots in the crypto market. At Signals, we’re not building some concrete bot or magical algorithm; we are building a playground for traders in which they can assemble their own strategies. We are providing the necessary toolset for traders and infrastructure for developers to encourage them to help traders. Also, we are more focused on machine learning methods and not only on classical technical analysis, like the majority of trading tools on the market.

Paxtradings: How far along is the project today and when can contributors expect to use the platform? What does the roadmap look like for 2018?

Nemec: Users can already test the first alpha version of our platform here: https://app.signals.network/. Our ICO is currently live, but we have several significant updates planned for Q2 2018: releasing Data Marketplace private alpha, Indicators Marketplace private alpha, Strategy Builder Framework update, and a Strategies Marketplace update. We will continue improving the platform and continuously be adding new features. You can check our full roadmap with development details until the end of 2019 on page 13 of our company whitepaper (https://goo.gl/W8tycf).

Paxtradings: As a non-Signals Network question, we like to ask for unique predictions for the ICO and cryptocurrency space in the future. Where do you see both in the next 3–5 years?

Nemec: In terms of projects using initial coin offerings, I think that the market will calm down and token sale participants will become pickier about projects to which they send their ETH’s, which is only a good thing. In general, the cryptocurrency market will grow during the upcoming years and I think that the Ether market cap will surpass the market cap of Bitcoin, as it is the underlying technology of many progressive companies. In my opinion, this will happen even sooner than in three years.

It’s difficult to make a prediction about technology five years ahead, because I can imagine that even blockchain can be disrupted by something else. In general, the process of digitization, value, and the possibility for people to easily transfer the value over the internet will become more and more significant. For platforms like Signals, which helps users to optimize those transactions of value, it is a bright future.

Pre-ICO Information

Public pre-ICO begun on November 22, 2017 and ended on December 9, 2017. There was a total of 1,969,482 Signals Network tokens (SGN) sold during the pre-ICO, representing around 1.1% of the total (SGN) supply.

$0.25 = 1 SGN token (30% discount)

ICO Information

The main ICO began on March 12, 2018 and will end on April 9, 2018, or earlier if hard cap is met. There are a total of 92,500,000 Signal Network tokens (SGN) available during the sale (including pre-ICO), representing 50% of the total supply of 185,000,000. A total hard cap of $18,500,000 is set (including $500k from the pre-ICO).

1 SGN = 0.36 USD without any discount. (Current discount is around 13%)

The accepted currency for Signal Network is ETH.

Signals Network is an ERC-20 token, so it’s important that contributors use ERC-20 compatible wallets to send funds to the ICO smart contract, and to receive the Signals Network tokens.

Token Information

There are a total 185,000,000 SGN tokens being created, with 50% available during the ICO phases.


Use of Proceeds



View the Signal website here.

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  1. Signals Website, Signals (2018)

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